What to visit in Badajoz. What to see in one day in the largest city of Extremadura

Badajoz is a city with important Muslim remains and a historical past that is located in Extremadura but very close to the border with Portugal.

We are going to take a walk through the most important places to see in Badajoz.

The city of Badajoz was founded in the 9th century by the Muslims, being reconquered by the Christian troops in the year 1230.

Since then, important events have taken place in Badajoz, such as the wedding of King Ferdinand VI with Bárbara de Braganza, as well as various acts of war such as the Badajoz Massacre that occurred in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War in the now defunct bullring.

A walk through the best things to see in Badajoz in one day

1. The Plaza de España and the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista

What to see in Badajoz in one day - Facade of the Cathedral of BadajozThere is much to see in Badajoz and a typical visit can begin in its nerve center, the Plaza de España.

There, in addition to enjoying its atmosphere, you can visit its Cathedral, from the 13th century and which has a very robust external appearance in the style of a fortress but a very nice interior with a lot of decoration. AND

n Plaza de España we can also find the Badajoz Town Hall.

From here we can already access the Historic Center of Badajoz and see its shopping streets.

2. The Historic Center of Badajoz

Visit Badajoz - Plaza AltaAfter visiting the City Museum where we can learn about the history of Badajoz as well as its culture and the ways of life of the people.

As we walk through the narrow streets of this area we will arrive at the Plaza Alta.

This square for years was a degraded area of ​​the city but today has been rehabilitated for the enjoyment of Badajoz and visitors.

It is an arcaded square that was the center of the city for centuries and that will surprise you when you visit Badajoz.

3. The Arab Alcazaba

Get to know Badajoz - AlcazabaNext to the Plaza Alta is another of the important points of Badajoz, the imposing Arab Alcazaba.

It is a walled enclosure built during the 12th century by the Muslims and the monarchs of the Kingdom of Badajoz lived here.

It is one of the best citadels in Spain and the Puerta de la Atalaya stands out above all, where we recommend accessing its interior.

Inside we can find the Provincial Archaeological Museum and the Palace of the Dukes of the Rock.

From there, returning to the river, we can get lost in the streets of the center of Badajoz and enjoy buildings, such as the Giralda de Badajoz, very close to the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts.

4. The Gate of Palms

What to see in Badajoz - Puerta de PalmasWalking towards the river area from the Alcazaba and leaving the historic center aside, we will arrive at the best-known image of Badajoz, which has earned itself the symbol of the city. This is the beautiful Puerta de Palmas.

It was built in the fifteenth century and consists of two cylindrical towers with battlements and was the main gateway to Badajoz.

In front of it we have the Puente de Palmas, which is the oldest bridge in the city.

5. Plaza de Santo Domingo and Plaza de San Francisco

Returning again to the historic center of Badajoz and crossing the Castelar Park, with its palm trees and peacocks, we arrive at the Plaza de Santo Domingo, where the 16th-century Church of Santo Domingo is located and whose interior will surprise you with its proportions.

Very close we will arrive at the Plaza de San Francisco, which is considered by many to be the most beautiful in Badajoz and where the famous López de Ayala Theater is located.

If you have followed the previous route, you will have been able to discover the most important things to see in Badajoz in one day.

You can find more information about what to see in Badajoz on the official tourism page.

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