What to visit and what to see in Extremadura. history and nature

Extremadura is a region almost unknown to many that surprises everyone who visits it. Many hope to find a deserted area but there are really great paradises to see in Extremadura.

Extremadura is one of the most complete regions of Spain to visit since you can find attractions for all types of tourists in it since you can enjoy cities with a lot of history, World Heritage Sites, art, nature and landscapes, great monuments, towns with charm and spectacular gastronomy.

Here we tell you which are the main places to visit in Extremadura and that you should not miss. The essentials

The essential places to see in Extremadura

The main cities of Extremadura

In Extremadura we can enjoy a series of truly spectacular cities with a history behind them that have left an incredible legacy that you can discover after touring their old quarters and knowing all the places of interest to visit.

Cáceres, World Heritage City

What to see in Extremadura - Caceres - Plaza MayorThere are many cities and towns to see in Extremadura, a land of contrasts where we can find places with a lot of history and therefore with a great monumental legacy. Some of them are also World Heritage Sites.

Among the World Heritage cities we must highlight Cáceres, for many one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Spain and worth a visit. In fact, you cannot leave Extremadura without knowing it. In addition, its location is unbeatable as a starting point to reach most corners of the region.

Mérida, the ancient capital of Lusitania

Visit Extremadura - Merida - Temple of DianaTo the south we have Mérida, another World Heritage city, this one for very different reasons than Cáceres. If the latter stands out for its medieval legacy, Mérida stands out for its Roman legacy, as it was the capital of Lusitania and one of the main cities of the Roman Empire.

In Mérida you should not miss some of the main Roman monuments that can be found in Spain, such as the well-known Roman Theater, where the famous Classical Theater Festival is held, or the Amphitheater. Next to it is the Roman Museum, one of the best in the world of its kind.

Plasencia, another monumental wonder.

Get to know Extremadura - Plasencia - WallsIn the north of the province of Cáceres, and the starting point for the greenest areas to visit in Extremadura, we have Plasencia, known as the Pearl of the Valley and which will surprise you with its monuments, its people and its surroundings.

In Plasencia, a medieval city of the best to see in Extremadura, we must visit its spectacular Old Town full of churches, including 2 Cathedrals, its beautiful Plaza Mayor, or the Aqueduct.

In addition, Plasencia is in an exceptional place to be a starting point for the natural paradises of Exremadura.

Trujillo, land of conquerors

Visit Extremadura - Trujillo - Plaza MayorAnother of the essential cities to visit in Extremadura is Trujillo, whose old quarter competes with that of Plasencia and has almost nothing to envy that of Cáceres.

Trujillo is known for being the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru, and also for its famous Castle, quite well preserved and worth a visit that you will not forget.

We must also highlight its beautiful Plaza Mayor and its surroundings, with palaces, churches and a lot of atmosphere.

Badajoz, the most populous city in Extremadura

Badajoz - AlcazabaAlthough most of the points of maximum interest to visit in Extremadura are concentrated in the province of Cáceres, in Badajoz there are also very interesting places.

In addition to Mérida, which we have placed at the top of this list, we must also talk about Badajoz.

It is the most populous city in Extremadura that has a beautiful Cathedral, but that stands out above all for its Muslim remains. It is also very close to Portugal and a compulsory stopover point if you are heading to Lisbon.

Charming towns of Extremadura

Guadalupe and its Monastery

Guadalupe Monastery - FacadeIn a remote area of ​​Extremadura, which is difficult to reach due to the number of curves on its access roads, we find the town of Guadalupe, one of the most visited places in Extremadura and whose monastery is a World Heritage Site.

The Monastery of Guadalupe is located in the same place where legend has it that a shepherd found at the end of the 13th century an image of the Virgin that had been hidden in the year 714 and today is one of the emblematic constructions of the Catholic world.

Visiting the Guadalupe Monastery is a must if you want to get to know Extremadura.

Coria and its Cathedral

Another of the cities that is worth visiting in Extremadura is Coria, located next to the Alagón River and that stands out for its beautiful Cathedral, the nerve center of its Old Town.

But it is not the only monument that we can visit in Coria since it also has well-preserved walls, a beautiful Castle and a Medieval Bridge over the river that forms an exceptional architectural complex with the Cathedral of Coria.

Alcántara and its Roman Bridge

Alcantara BridgeIn the province of Cáceres, very close to the border with Portugal, the city of Alcántara emerges, a town with a lot of history where you can find the spectacular Conventual de San Benito, from the 16th century, as well as numerous churches that make it a place of must visit.

But if something stands out above all, it is the Roman Bridge of Alcántara, a monument over the Tagus River built by order of the Emperor Trajan between the years 104 and 106 and which has survived almost intact to this day. It is worth going to Alcántara to enjoy this historical marvel of engineering.


In the province of Badajoz we find a very interesting city with a lot of history. We are talking about Zafra, whose main attraction is the Palace of the Dukes of Ferira, the most interesting monument to visit in Zafra and which is currently a Parador de Turismo.

But it is also worth taking a short walk through its Old Town enjoying its squares, the Plaza Chica and the Plaza Grande as well as its churches.

Counties and natural paradises of Extremadura

Jerte Valley

What to see in Extremadura - Los PilonesWe are finally talking about the natural paradises of Extremadura, almost all concentrated in the north of the region. One of them is the Valle del Jerte, the river that runs through it and also crosses Plasencia.

In the Valle del Jerte we find very interesting typical villages from which we can take some hiking trails, such as the Garganta de los Infiernos, the most famous and which leads to Los Pilones.

Famous in the Valle del Jerte are its cherry trees in bloom, which attract thousands of visitors every spring. Although we also recommend visiting the Valley in the fall. It is a good area for rural tourism in the north of Extremadura.

The Valley of Ambroz and Hervás

HervasAlso in the north of Extremadura, in the beautiful Ambroz Valley, neighboring Jerte and La Vera, is Hervás, a very interesting little town that you should also visit.

And it is that walking through the Jewish Quarter of Hervás, one of the most important in Spain, is a unique experience that you must live and that will surprise you.

The surroundings of Hervás are also spectacular and with interesting routes that you can take, both on foot and by car.

La Vera and the Monastery of Yuste

Separated from the Jerte Valley by some mountains, we find La Vera, another region full of natural wonders that you should not miss. The towns of La Vera, with a very typical popular architecture, are really beautiful and it is worth getting lost in them.

In La Vera there is also the Yuste Monastery, where Emperor Carlos I of Spain (and V of Germany) spent his last days. Taking a walk through the monastery discovering its corners and where one of the most important monarchs in history died is a must.

The Sierra de Gata

Sierra de GataAnother of those regions that must be visited in Extremadura is the Sierra de Gata, where waterfalls and natural pools are interspersed between charming villages that are well worth a visit.

You can enjoy the typical architecture of the Sierra de Gata in towns such as San Martín de Trevejo, perhaps the most famous of all the towns in the area, as well as in Gata itself or in Robledillo de Gata. The best thing is to visit all the towns and enjoy each one of them. And of course, enjoy its natural landscapes.

Las Hurdes

One of the most famous regions of Extremadura, and which attracts thousands of tourists every year, is Las Hurdes, located in the north of the province of Cáceres in a magical place where nature and the charm of its towns intertwine so that the visitor is eager to return.

Alfonso XIII put it on the map when poverty roamed its streets and today it is a delight to walk through towns such as Pinofranqueado, Caminomorisco or Las Mestas enjoying its popular architecture or enjoying its natural spaces that you will find throughout all the Shire.

Monfragüe National Park

What to visit in Extremadura - Monfrague - Salto del GitanoAs we have said, nature plays a leading role in Extremadura, almost at the same level as its medieval cities and the Roman Mérida.

The Monfragüe National Park is located halfway between Plasencia and Trujillo and is a spectacular area with an enviable natural wealth where you can take different hiking trails admiring its flora and fauna and its integration with the Tagus River.

You can also visit a castle and admire the famous Salto del Gitano.

You can find more information about what to see in Extremadura on its official tourism page.

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