The Route of the Churches of Plasencia. A walk to Remember

The Old Town of Plasencia offers us magical corners, which combined with its commercial and tapas atmosphere make this area an essential place to visit in the north of Extremadura.

Among all the charms that Plasencia offers, are its churches, which are mainly concentrated in the enclosure inside the walls. They date from different eras and each one has a reason why it should be visited.

Today we are going to take a tour of all these churches in a walk in which you will also be able to discover the rest of the wonders of the city.

The route of the churches. From the Christ of the Battles to the Plaza Mayor

Church of Santiago.._MG_2583The old town, the one located inside the walls, is full of beautiful churches that we would like to talk about and that you can discover while you do your shopping or go for tapas.

The first church that we propose to visit is not inside the wall but next to it and the beautiful Puerta del Sol. It is the Church of Cristo de las Batallas.

In it is the image of the Christ of the same name and it was built for the use of the pilgrims who made the Camino de Santiago along the Ruta de la Plata.

Once we have visited this church, we can enter the intramural enclosure through the Puerta del Sol and begin to see the shops on Calle del Sol.

Or if you prefer, you can take the street on the left that takes you directly to the Church of San Pedro, one of the oldest in Plasencia in Romanesque and Mudejar style.

The route of the Churches. From San Esteban to Santo Domingo

Plasencia - San Esteban ChurchThe next point, after crossing the Plaza Mayor and on the way to the main temple of the city, is the Church of San Esteban, located at the exit of one of the corners of the Plaza.

It is from the 15th century in Gothic style with a spectacular altarpiece and where the Extremaduran poet José María Gabriel y Galán got married.

Leaving aside the Plaza de Abastos and the Seminary, we headed towards the Cathedrals. Yes, in the plural, because there are two of them, the Old and the New, each one with its charm and that you should not miss.

Plasencia - Santo Domingo ChurchAt this point you will have already noticed that you are in the heart of the medieval city and that you will think you have gone back several centuries.

In this way we head towards the Parador de Turismo, located in a convent, but on the way we will see another of the religious jewels of the city, the Church of San Nicolás.

It is located in the square of the same name and we can say that it is one of the most beautiful in the city.

By the way, next to the Parador there is also a church, although it is not used as such. It is the Church of Santo Domingo and where the steps of Holy Week are exposed. You should not miss this temple, one of the largest in the city.

Route of the Churches. From San Martin to Santa Ana

Plasencia - San Martin ChurchNow it is time to return to the Plaza Mayor.

But instead of doing it through the Rúa Zapatería, another commercial street, you can do it through the alleys of the Jewish quarter, arriving in this way at the Church of San Martín, another building that is not used as a church but as an exhibition hall.

It is easy to get to the Plaza Mayor from there, cross it and head down the commercial Calle del Rey. Halfway through, you should turn left and reach another of the churches on this tourist route, the Church of El Salvador, in Romanesque style.

There is still another church to be visited in the intramural enclosure, but again it is not used for worship but this time as an auditorium. It is the Church of Santa Ana, located just at the end of Calle del Rey and where our tour of the churches of Plasencia ends.

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