Visit Trujillo in one day. Enjoy its castle and its Plaza Mayor

If you are going to visit Trujillo, you will know that you will visit one of the most important cities in the conquest of America thanks to having been the hometown of several of the conquerors.

Among them is Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru and who presides over its Plaza Mayor in an equestrian statue.

Trujillo is located on the A-5 motorway that connects Extremadura with Madrid, so it is easily accessible if you are going to visit the city.

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The best things to see in Trujillo in one day

To get to know Trujillo in depth, we recommend some of the following activities and guided tours that you can only enjoy in this city:

If you are staying in Cáceres, we recommend this excursion to Trujillo, which also includes a visit to Guadalupe.

1. The Trujillo Castle, its most important monument

What to see in Trujillo in one day- CastilloThe first thing you see as you approach Trujillo is its spectacular castle that presides over the town from the top of the Cabeza del Zorro hill. Undoubtedly one of the best castles in Extremadura.

It is a fortress built between the 9th and 12th centuries by the Arabs to defend the city from the Christian troops resisting until Alfonso VIII took the city.

The castle consists of two parts, the Patio de Armas and the Albacara.

The Patio de Armas has a quadrangular shape and is accessed through a horseshoe arch door located between two square towers and from where you can see the chapel of the Virgen de la Victoria, patron saint of the city.

In it there are two cisterns, one of them in a perfect state of conservation.

La Albacara is the annex walled enclosure with a hexagonal floor plan inside which there is a 16th century hermitage dedicated to Saint Paul. To get to the castle you have to climb some important slopes through the city center but the effort will be rewarded when you enter and admire the views that are offered from there.

2. The Plaza Mayor of Trujillo

What to visit in Trujillo in one day - Plaza MayorAnother of the important points of Trujillo is its Plaza Mayor, the gateway to its old town.

It has a rectangular shape and Renaissance style and stands out for the arcades that surround it.

The most important monument in the Plaza Mayor is the Equestrian Statue of Francisco Pizarro, which arrived from the Grand Palais in Paris in 1929 to preside over the square.

It is made of bronze and located on a granite pedestal.

The square, where the famous Cheese Fair is held annually in May, is full of shops and restaurants.

In addition to the statue, in this square are the Church of San Martín de Tours, in Gothic-Renaissance style, the Church of Blood, in baroque style, and the palaces of the Vargas-Carvajal, Chaves-Cárdenas, the Conquest and the Marquises of Piedras Albas, and the Casa de las Cadenas.

3. Other monuments to see in Trujillo

What to do in Trujillo - Santa María la Mayor ChurchIn addition to the Castle and the Plaza Mayor, in Trujillo there are other important places to visit.

Among them, two churches stand out above all, the Church of Santa María la Mayor built between the 13th and 16th centuries and which stands out for its tombs and the Church of Santiago from the 13th century.

Another place to visit is the Pizarro House Museum, the place where the conqueror lived.

Strolling through Trujillo offers the possibility of discovering different emblazoned houses and their noble coats of arms. Very close to the castle is also the Costume Museum.

You can find more information about what to see in Trujillo on its official tourism page.

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