Las Hurdes, the Sierra de Gata and the Ambroz Valley

If you have already read our articles on La Vera and Valle del Jerte, you will surely be wanting to visit the north of Extremadura.

In this area of ​​Extremadura we also have other regions that you should visit, each one with a special charm. Thus we have the historic region of Las Hurdes, the wonder of the Sierra de Gata and the Valle del Ambroz where we can see the town of Hervás and its Jewish quarter.

A good place to stay if you are going to visit the north of Extremadura is undoubtedly Plasencia. From here you can easily access these places. If you are in Cáceres we recommend this excursion to Valle del Ambroz and Cáparra.

What to see in Las Hurdes

Las Hurdes - Alagon RiverAn ancient symbol of rural backwardness in Spain, Las Hurdes is a region that is attracting more and more tourism thanks to its natural wealth that makes it the Lung of Extremadura.

At the beginning of the 20th century, poverty was the only thing in Las Hurdes until King Alfonso XIII decided to get to know the region and create a plan to revitalize it.

Today it is still a difficult area but fortunately the differences are no longer so abysmal.

Las Hurdes - ArchitectureIn Las Hurdes you can get to know the towns of Pinofranqueado and Caminomorisco, the most developed in the region and where you have a wide range of hotels and rural tourism as well as different activities.

Touring Las Hurdes by car will take you through small villages with even less than 400 inhabitants where you can immerse yourself in rural life and discover a very peculiar architecture.

Although it does not belong to Las Hurdes and not even to Extremadura, you can go to the nearby town of La Alberca, a spectacular town in Salamanca.

Visit the Sierra de Gata

Sierra de GataThe waterfalls and natural pools found in the spectacular Sierra de Gata make visiting this region of northern Extremadura a must.

The visit can start in the town of Moraleja where you can visit important palaces.

And also do water sports in the Borbollón Reservoir. Cilleros and Hoyos are other towns worth visiting in the Sierra de Gata.

But without a doubt the great star of the region is San Martín de Trevejo. Here the typical architecture of the area is where it is most accentuated.

You can visit its Plaza Porticada and stroll through its streets. You can even try to learn a dialect that is only spoken in this area: A Fala.

Gata and Robledillo de Gata are the other towns that you should not miss, especially the latter, which also has one of the most typical examples of architecture.

The Ambroz Valley and the Hervás Jewish Quarter

HervasSharing mountains with the Valle del Jerte we have the Valle del Ambroz, another of the places to visit in the north of Extremadura.

In addition to the typical activities such as hiking, mountaineering or other activities in mountain areas, it is mandatory to visit the town of Hevás, which is also the capital of the region.

The history of Hervás begins in the 12th century but its main event occurs in the 13th century when a Jewish community settles in the city.

This community built the beautiful neighborhood that must be visited, the Hervás Jewish Quarter. The narrow alleys and the beautiful houses make us forget that unfortunately we cannot see in our days the old synagogue that was in Hervás.

Passion fruitAlthough it does not belong to the Ambroz region but it is very close, we must visit Granadilla, a town that was evicted for the construction of the Gabriel y Galán Reservoir.

At first the town was going to be submerged under the waters, but although in the end it was not like that, the accesses did remain, so its inhabitants were transferred to neighboring towns.

Today it is possible to visit this curious town thanks to the Program for the Rehabilitation of Abandoned Towns and get to know its castle and the architecture of the town.

In the Ambroz Valley you also have other towns such as Gargantilla, La Garganta and especially Baños de Montemayor, known for its thermal waters and its famous spa.

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