What to see in Cudillero and enjoy its nearby beaches

On the slopes of 3 mountains that surround the town, is Cudillero, a picturesque fishing village where its houses of different colors are its main attraction.

It is one of the most visited towns in Asturias and in summer there are large crowds of both tourists who stay in the town and visitors who are passing through the area.

As a curiosity, we highlight that the inhabitants of Cudillero are called pixuetos, which comes from pix, fish in Asturian.

What to visit in Cudillero

What to see in CudilleroThe best known image to see in Cudillero is its main square, known as the Cudillero Antitheatre.

It is called like this because the situation of the houses on steps on the mountain resembles the place to an amphitheater, being the houses the boxes and the square itself the stage.

This square must be seen both from below and from above and when you are here, it is most likely that you will never want to leave because the scene is unforgettable. Its narrow streets and colorful houses are the best of Cudillero.

In addition there are also other important monuments, such as its numerous churches, among which San Pedro, Jesús Nazareno, San Martín de Luiña and Santa María del Soto de Luiña stand out.

Another interesting place to visit in Cudillero is the Didactic Classroom Los Pixuetos y la Mar where the history of the inhabitants of Cudillero and their customs is told. The building is the old fish market.

Visit the Cudillero Beaches

Visit Cudillero - Oleiros BeachAround Cudillero there are numerous beaches that are worth a visit to enjoy them.

The most important is Playa de Oleiros, a semi-wild beach that is not very crowded, which in fact has a very small car park with capacity for a few cars.

It is located at the foot of a cliff and the difficulty in reaching it means that it continues to retain a natural appearance.

Cudillero - Beach of SilenceBut also very important is the Playa del Silencio, located between forests and cliffs, it is not possible to access by car and can only be done on foot or by boat.

That is why it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of Spain and in it you will find the greatest tranquility you can imagine. Without a doubt, it is the beach that we recommend if you visit Cudillero and its surroundings.

Other important beaches are Playa de San Pedro, very crowded in summer and 400 meters long, Playa de la Concha de Artedo, made up of pebbles instead of sand, and Playa de Aguilar, 600 meters long and for surf lovers.

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