What to see in Oviedo with children. The best plans to enjoy with children

Visiting Oviedo with children is a great adventure that the whole family can enjoy thanks to all the attractions that this city offers, both for children and adults.

As you walk through the streets of Oviedo you will find places that children will enjoy like no one else and corners that make this city one of the most beautiful in Asturias and Spain and that deserves a visit.

Here we are going to give you a list of options to do with children in Oviedo, although the possibilities are endless and everything will depend on what they like.

What to see in Oviedo with children

A route through its statues through the historic center

Oviedo - The RegentIf you have already been to Oviedo you will have verified that it is a city full of statues, each one with its history and meaning. Children find it great fun to search and discover them while you tell them who they are and what they represent.

The most famous is found in the Plaza de la Catedral. This is Ana Ozores, the Regenta, the protagonist of the most universal work of Leopoldo Alas Clarín. Children will also like to visit the Cathedral and the mysteries of the Holy Chamber.

But it is not the only statue that we can visit in Oviedo. There are also others such as La Bella Lola, which we can find in another symbol of the city such as El Fontán, or the Vendors of Daóiz and Velarde Square.

The Milkmaid, the Traveler or Woody Allen are other beautiful statues, although there are many more, that we can find in Oviedo and that will surprise all children.

Mount Orange

Oviedo - Santa Maria del NarancoAnother of the places in Oviedo that children can enjoy is Mount Naranco, from where they can also have great views of the city. To do this, you can go up to the imposing Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is also an exceptional place to relax and enjoy.

But the best of Mount Naranco is in the climb up to it thanks to the pre- Romanesque monuments that are on its slopes, Santa María del Naranco standing out above all. A few meters away is San Miguel de Lillo.

Both monuments form a special complex in the city of Oviedo that takes you to another era and with surroundings where children can run and play enjoying the outdoors and the history of our country.

The Campo de San Francisco and the parks of Oviedo

Oviedo is a city full of green areas, each with its own charm and all special for the enjoyment of both children and adults. The main park of all is the Campo de San Francisco, located in the heart of the city next to the famous Plaza de la Escandalera.

Inside El Campo, as it is popularly known by the people of Oviedo, you can find different paths and walks as well as fountains, statues, children’s areas and a lot of atmosphere to enjoy.

Other parks in Oviedo that are worth visiting with children are the Winter Park or the Juan Mata Park, from where you have beautiful views of Mount Naranco.

The Children’s Palace

With this name, the Children’s Palace should be a very special place to visit with the smallest of the house. It is located inside the Winter Park and it is a municipal center designed for children to enjoy in a very special way.

Inside the 10,000 square meter building, we find several rooms where you can do different activities such as playing video game consoles, making constructions, riding an underwater simulator, a climbing wall and even a baby room. Without a doubt, a place to spend the day with the children.

The Green Path of Oviedo

If your children like nature, going to the Senda Verde will be one of the best plans you can do in Oviedo. It is also known as Fuso de la Reina and it is a path of almost 8km that connects the Winter Park and the old Fuso de la Reina train station.

The Green Path, ideal for both walking and cycling, runs along an old railway line and on it we can find some mills or the nature classroom that is located in what used to be another railway station.

It is also perfectly conditioned to go with pushchairs, so you have no excuse to enjoy one of the best areas to go with children in Oviedo.

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