Route with the best things to see in Asturias in 5 days

Do you want to know what to see in Asturias in 5 days? Well, here we are going to propose a perfect car route to get to know the most important things in Asturias if you have five days to get to know it.

Our recommendation is that you establish a base to get to know Asturias in 5 days. The best thing is that it be Oviedo or Gijón since they are in the center of the region and thus the displacements every day will be less.

There are many routes to visit Asturias in 5 days, but this is the one we recommend. You will not be able to spend much time in each place, so it is possible that if you want to enjoy each one in depth, you should choose what interests you the most.

What to see in Asturias in 5 days. route by car

First day in Asturias. Oviedo and Gijon

What to see in Asturias in 5 days - Oviedo - La RegentaThe first day in Asturias can be dedicated to getting to know the two main cities of Asturias. We know that both cities deserve more time, at least one day, but since we only have 5 days and we want to know the most important things, we are going to try to get up early and visit them on the same day.

Our visit to Oviedo can start early in the Plaza de la Escandalera, admiring its buildings and the Campo de San Francisco that is next to it. From there we can visit the Old Town not forgetting the Cathedral of Oviedo, and its Holy Chamber, the Plaza de la Constitución or El Fontán.

What to visit in Asturias in 5 days - Gijón - CimadevillaAfter visiting Oviedo, we will take the car and go to Gijón, which is about 30 minutes away. There it is essential to visit the Cimadevilla neighborhood with all its monuments, squares and corners before making a quick visit to the beaches, without missing San Lorenzo Beach.

Walking along the Paseo Marítimo de Gijón towards the other beach, Poniente and ending with an interesting visit to the Gijón Aquarium, is the best way to end this first day in Asturias. If you are based in Oviedo, and you have enough time when you return, we recommend you climb Naranco, see its pre-Romanesque churches and have great views from the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Second day in Asturias. The peaks of Europe

what to do in Asturias in five days - Lagos de CovadongaAs we only have 5 days to see Asturias, we have to get up early. And this day we will set out on our way to one of the most beautiful places in Spain, the Picos de Europa, establishing our first stop in Cangas de Onís.

We can take a quick walk through Cangas de Onís, admiring its Roman Bridge and the streets of the center before starting to climb to the most famous place in the Picos de Europa, the fantastic Lakes of Covadonga.

If access to the private car is not restricted (and if it is, there are free buses), you will enjoy a spectacular climb, first visiting the Basilica of Covadonga and then reaching the lakes themselves, where you can take a circular route on foot that is not very difficult.

After coming down from the Covadonga Lakes, we will continue through the Cabrales region, visit Arenas de Cabrales and reach the Mirador del Naranjo de Bulnes, located in Poncebos. The Ruta del Cares starts from there, but on this 5-day visit to Asturias you won’t have time to do it, unless you dedicate this second day exclusively to it.

Third day in Asturias. The eastern seafaring peoples of Asturias

Get to know Asturias in 5 days - BowlsAfter a day in the Asturian mountains, today it’s time to take a sea route visiting some of the main towns on the eastern coast of Asturias, and some of its beaches if you wish. It’s time to get up early again.

We can go directly to Lastres first and enjoy a spectacular villa that overlooks the sea like no other. Nearby is the small town of Tazones, which for many is the most beautiful in Asturias. Visiting Tazones, as well as the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, located in Colunga, is a must. This is how you will have spent the morning.

In the afternoon we can go to Ribadesella, where in addition to the fishing village we can visit the Tito Bustillo Caves, and later to Llanes, another of the main places to visit in Asturias, where the Cubes of Memory are located.

Among the beaches of Asturias that you can visit this day are those of Gulpiyuri, one of the most famous, Poo or Barro. It will not give you time to see them all, but we do recommend that you choose one and go to it.

What to visit on the fourth day in Asturias. Somiedo Park

Asturias - Somiedo - Lake ValleyWe can dedicate this day again to the mountains and for this we can go to another of the national parks of Asturias. In this case, the Somiedo Park, one of the most important in Spain and that will not leave you indifferent.

The drive to the Parque de Somiedo is already a marvel in itself, passing through picturesque villages and spectacular landscapes that the course of the Somiedo River offers you.

In Pola de Somiedo you have the Tourist Office where they can inform you of the routes to follow. We recommend 3, which logically will not give you time to do in a single day, such as the Brañas de Pornacal, the Lago del Valle or the Lagos de Saliencia, possibly the most beautiful of all.

Do not forget either to visit all the viewpoints that you will find on your visit to Somiedo Park.

Fifth day in Asturias. Western fishing villages

Luarca - PortAs on every day of our 5-day route through Asturias, it’s time to get up early. And again we return to the sea to visit the fishing villages of western Asturias.

In the first place we can go to Luarca, the furthest place on the route that we are going to do this day to get closer to our starting point. A walk through Luarca will not leave you indifferent, as it is one of the most beautiful places in Asturias.

On our way back from Luarca, we recommend making a stop at Cape Vidio, one of the capes that overlook the Bay of Biscay and, as it is not well known, it is not usually very crowded. But possibly the views are some of the best you can find. Even better than from Cabo Peñas, which if you have time you can visit later.

Cudillero is our next destination. It is a town to enjoy and admire. You probably won’t find anything more beautiful in Asturias. And it is that it appears in all the lists of the most beautiful fishing villages in Spain.

You can find more information about what to see in Asturias on its official tourism page.

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