The best things to see in Gijón in 1 day, the main industrial city of Asturias

If you are thinking of visiting Gijón, the most populous city in Asturias and one of the oldest in northern Spain, we tell you here what is the best thing to see in Gijón in one day.

It is located less than 30km from Oviedo and although it is not as beautiful as Oviedo (although its inhabitants could argue with this), it has a great advantage, the sea, its beaches and its atmosphere of a port city of more than 2000 years.

If you have more days to visit this city, we recommend that you read our article with the best things to see in Gijón in 2 days. And if you also travel with the little ones, do not miss our article on the essential places to see in Gijón with children.

A walk with the best things to see in Gijón

The neighborhood of Cimadevilla

The Cimadevilla neighborhood, located on the Cerro de Santa Catalina, is the oldest part of Gijón and where you can see numerous archaeological remains from Roman times. It has always been a fishermen ‘s neighborhood with labyrinthine streets and where there are also palaces.

With the industrial reconversion, the port has been transformed into a marina and the neighborhood into an important leisure and commercial center.

What to see in Gijón - Revillagigedo PalaceIn the lower part of the Barrio de Cimadevilla, the oldest to see in Gijón, is the Plaza del Marqués, where we can begin to visit the neighborhood. There is the Revillagigedo Palace, one of the most beautiful palaces in Gijón.

Inside there is an international center for contemporary art and next to it is the Collegiate Church of San Juan Bautista. And from there we can begin to ascend towards the Cerro de Santa Catalina.

In Praise of the Horizon

What to visit in Gijón - Praise of the Horizon - ChillidaThe highest part of the Cimadevilla neighborhood is the Cerro de Santa Catalina. And in it is one of the most emblematic monuments of Gijón, the Praise of the Horizon.

El Elogio del Horizonte is the work of Eduardo Chillida who looks at infinity and seems to embrace the sea.

And it is that the sea is the great protagonist in this area with great views, especially of San Lorenzo Beach.

The Church of San Pedro and the Roman Baths

What to see in Gijon - CimadevillaIn the lower part of the Cimadevilla neighborhood we can find the Church of San Pedro, whose beauty lies above all in being by the sea.

Although the original, in Gothic style, was destroyed in the Civil War, the current one dating from 1945 is also very beautiful.

Next to it are the Roman Baths, the remains of the public baths that existed in the city since the 1st century and one of the main places to visit in Gijón.

Plaza de Jovellanos and Plaza Mayor

What to visit in Gijon - Plaza MayorThese two very nice and close small squares are the end point of our tour of the Cimadevilla neighborhood. In the Plaza de Jovellanos we find the main museum of Gijón, the Casa Natal de Jovellanos, today converted into a museum and where we can learn about the figure of the politician who worked with Carlos III.

The Plaza Mayor is of a very small size, not typical in the Spanish main squares. Still, it is a very interesting place where the Town Hall is located.

The beaches of Gijon

Gijon - San Lorenzo BeachAfter the tour of the Cimadevilla neighborhood, we can start visiting San Lorenzo Beach, one of the 3 beaches to see in Gijón.

It starts from the Church of San Pedro and is the busiest place in summer for both tourists and city dwellers.

Its promenade, called Paseo del Muro de San Lorenzo, extends along the beach and is an ideal place to stroll.

We can retrace our steps, leave the Cimadevilla neighborhood aside and reach the Port area, where Poniente Beach begins, less famous than the previous one but also very welcoming.

Before we can cross the center of Gijón and see the Paseo de Begoña and the Jovellanos Theater.

At the end of the beach is the Gijón Aquarium, with more than 250 marine and freshwater species and a recommended visit, especially if you go with children.

You can find more information about Gijón on its official tourism page.

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