The Church of Santa Ana and other churches in Granada

Thanks to all the history behind it, in Granada we can find numerous churches, the main religious building in the city being the Cathedral of Granada.

But behind it, of all the churches that exist, there is one that we must highlight above all, the Church of San Gil and Santa Ana.

It is located next to the Ribera del Darro and it is the best Mudejar church that we can find in the city. We must also highlight the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows and other churches.

Visit the Church of Santa Ana

Granada - Church of Santa AnaBefore the construction of the Church of Santa Ana in 1537, a mosque was located in this place.

It was built with a single nave with several side chapels, each one more beautiful. The church is not very big, but it is priceless.

The first thing that stands out when you get to it is its tower, made of brick and located on one side of the façade.

This tower was the minaret of the old mosque, the only element that remains of it. Next to it we find the main entrance, made in the 16th century and with several very interesting sculptures located just above the door.

Inside we have the Capilla Mayor, beautiful. Next to it we find 5 side chapels where we can see important works of art between sculptures and paintings. Also noteworthy is the sacristy where there is a chalice from the 16th century.

And as an interesting and curious fact, to say that Mariana Pineda got married here when she was 15 years old. Also in Granada is where she was executed by order of Fernando VII in the persecution that she undertook against the Liberals. Mariana Pineda is considered a martyr and heroine and her life inspired one of the most famous works of Federico García Lorca.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows

Granada - Basilica of Our Lady of SorrowsThis is the temple dedicated to the Patron Saint of Granada, the Virgen de las Angustias.

Its construction dates back to the 17th century and is made up of a single nave, the Main Chapel and 8 side chapels.

From the façade we can highlight its two tall towers and a beautiful portal on which there is a Pietà, the work of Bernardo de Mora.

Once you enter inside, we can only admire the beautiful works of art that we can find, such as a series of statues of the Apostles and several baroque paintings that adorn the chapels. But above all, its main altarpiece stands out, where the image of the Virgen de las Angustias, Patron Saint of Granada, is found.

Other churches to visit in Granada

Granada - Church of Santo DomingoAs we have said before, in Granada we can find quite a few churches.

In addition to the Cathedral and the two that we have already talked about here, we must highlight the Church of Santo Domingo, a mixture of styles including Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance.

Construction began in 1512 and is located in the Monastery of Santa Cruz el Real. The most remarkable thing is its portico with 3 arches (reminiscent of the façade of the Cathedral of Granada, saving the distances).

The Church of Guadalupe, with a spectacular main façade, or the Church of the Tabernacle are also very beautiful.

Do you know any other church in Granada that we should visit?

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