Plaza Nueva and Carrera del Darro. The liveliest of Granada

Despite its name, Plaza Nueva is the oldest square in Granada and today it is the busiest place and where you can find the most atmosphere.

It is located at the foot of the Albaycín on one side and the Alhambra on the other, making it a special place to start any visit to Granada.

The Carrera del Darro also starts from there, one of the most beautiful walks in the city and where you must walk on any visit to the city. Today we are going to talk about both places here.

What to see in Plaza Nueva, the oldest square

Granada - New SquareThe terraces that dominate the Plaza Nueva are the hallmark of this central city square.

Today it is the liveliest place in Granada thanks to them and to the number of tourists who visit it, but throughout its history it has always had that role of great importance within Granada.

Its construction began in 1499 when it was decided to widen a bridge from the Nasrid era to create an open space that did not reach its current rectangular shape until 1516, although it has undergone various renovations until reaching its current appearance.

In it, in addition to the characteristic terraces, there are also very important buildings, such as the Palace of the Royal Chancery, a judicial body created by Isabella the Catholic and which is currently the seat of the High Court of Justice of Andalusia. From this square also starts the famous Cuesta de Gomérez that takes you to the Alhambra in a very interesting walk.

The Carrera del Darro, between the Albaycin and the Alhambra

Granada - Darro RaceStarting from the Plaza Nueva we have one of the most famous walks in the city.

It extends along the River Darro at the foot of the imposing Alhambra and all the streets that lead you into the Albaycin start from it.

Along the Carrera del Darro we find various buildings and palaces whose origins date back to the 16th century, as well as the Church of Santa Ana.

That’s on the left bank as you walk from the Plaza Nueva, because on the right we will find two brick bridges that cross the river that brighten up any photograph. We also recommend crossing them and admiring the beautiful buildings on the other shore.

In this street is also the famous El Bañuelo and along it you will find street artists and numerous souvenir shops and typical Granada products as well as special places for tapas. It ends at the famous Paseo de los Tristes where you can continue this pleasant walk through the city of Granada.

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