The Royal Chapel of Granada, the Tomb of the Catholic Monarchs

Located next to the Cathedral of Granada, the Royal Chapel is one of the most important places of interest to see in Granada because the Catholic Monarchs are buried inside.

It is one of the most visited places in Granada and in addition to the famous kings, their daughter Juana la Loca and Felipe el Hermoso are also buried.

It was the Catholic Monarchs themselves who commissioned the construction of the Royal Chapel in 1504 to be buried in it, finishing the works in 1517 in Gothic style.

Visit the Royal Chapel of Granada

Granada - Royal Chapel - TombsAlthough the Catholic Monarchs are buried here, they never got to see it finished since Isabel died before its construction and Fernando a year before the works were finished.

After entering the Royal Chapel, what stands out are the tombs that we find in its center and that correspond to Isabel and Fernando, the work of Domenico Francelli, and Juana and Felipe, the work of Bartolomé Ordóñez.

We can see the King dressed in armor while holding a sword in his right hand, with a medallion with the image of Saint George, patron saint of the Crown of Aragon, and the crown. Meanwhile, the Queen, also wearing a crown, has her hands crossed on her belly, a medallion of Santiago, patron saint of Castile.

Granada - Royal Chapel - ExteriorUnder the tombs is the crypt, very austere and contrasting with the solemnity of the tombs.

There are his mortal remains, in addition to the Infante Miguel de la Paz, grandson of the Catholic Monarchs and who died as a child.

In addition to the crypt, of the Royal Chapel we also have to highlight the High Altarpiece, the High Gate and the Sacristy-Museum

In the Sacristy-Museum there is a large part of the legacy that the Catholic Monarchs left us, such as an interesting painting gallery, some books of the queen, goldsmith objects or the Crown and the Scepter of the kings.

You can also visit a very interesting place inside the Royal Chapel, both for its history and its architecture, the Lonja, built in 1518 and dedicated to banking and commerce.

You can find more information on the official page of the Royal Chapel.

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