What to see in the Cathedral of Granada

The Cathedral of Granada is one of the masterpieces of the Renaissance in Spain and was built by order of Isabella the Catholic after the conquest of Granada where the city’s Great Mosque was located.

Next to the Cathedral is the Royal Chapel, the place where the Catholic Monarchs are buried. Do not miss our article on the Royal Chapel of Granada.

Therefore, this complex is recommended to visit if you go to Granada, because Granada is much more than the Alhambra.

What to see in the Cathedral of Granada

Facade of the Cathedral of GranadaThe main façade of the Cathedral of Granada is in the shape of a triumphal arch and is in the Baroque style.

This facade was designed in 1667 and has 3 sections crowned by arches, the center being the tallest. In each body there is a door, the central one being also the largest.

On both sides of the Cathedral there were originally going to be two towers, but finally only one was built, which is the one we can see today.

Central nave of the Cathedral of GranadaGranada Cathedral, which was initially going to be Gothic, has a rectangular floor plan and inside we can see 5 naves.

The naves are staggered, with the central one being the highest and the largest of all.

At the end of the Central Nave is the High Altar, where its spectacular altarpiece stands out, flanked by beautiful Corinthian columns. Also noteworthy are the stained glass windows and the vault of the Main Chapel.

Around the naves are the different chapels that make up the Cathedral of Granada. All these chapels have different styles because they were built at different times and among all of them we must highlight the Chapel of Our Lady of Antigua where we can see two portraits of the Catholic Monarchs and where its beautiful altarpiece stands out.

If you visit the Cathedral of Granada, do not forget to go to the Royal Chapel and see the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs.

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