The best beaches of Granada on the Costa Tropical to visit

Approximately 1 hour by car from the city of Granada we find the Costa Tropical, a coast that extends over 73 km and where we can enjoy a special climate thanks to the protection from the north winds that Sierra Nevada exerts in this area. zone.

The landscapes of this area are extraordinary and along the coast we can find an excellent combination of extensive sandy beaches of a fairly dark color and large cliffs where various coves appear where nature dominates.

In the province of Granada there are numerous beaches but here we are going to make a list of the essential ones that you should know.

The beaches of Almuñécar

Granada - Almuñecar - San Cristobal BeachAlmúñecar is one of the most important tourist centers in Spain thanks in large part to its interesting beaches that extend over 19 km, finding both large beaches and small coves.

Within the urban center we have 3 beaches of more than 1 km in length such as San Cristóbal Beach, Puerta del Mar Beach and Velilla Beach, all of them with all services, its promenade and its dark fine sand and gravel, something typical of the area.

The problem that we will find in them will be the high occupancy with all the inconveniences that this entails, such as lack of parking and overcrowding.

La Herradura Beach

Granada - Horseshoe BeachThis beach is located in La Herradura, a fishing village in the municipality of Almuñécar famous for its steep, white streets in the center of a wide cove.

Playa de la Herradura is listed as one of the best beaches on the Costa Tropical, so we consider it essential if you want to get to know the beaches of Granada. Around it you will find all kinds of services, hotels and restaurants so you will not miss anything.

The beach is more than 2km long and, like those of Almuñécar, is made up of fine dark sand and gravel. We recommend going up to the Mirador de la torre-vigía de Cerro Gordo to get the best views of the beach and the nearby cliffs.

The beaches of Motril

Granada - Motril - Poniente BeachMotril is the most important town on the Costa Tropical. It is located about 70 km from Granada and has no less than 60,000 inhabitants, making it a city where you will not lack for anything. It is a white town with steep streets with a castle dominating the horizon with a special charm and beauty.

In Motril we have a wide variety of types of beaches, both fine dark sand and fine sand and pebbles. Of the first we must highlight Playa Granada, located next to Moorish-style housing estates and a very exclusive golf course. Among those of the second type, without a doubt, the most important is Playa Poniente, very different from the previous one as it is surrounded by numerous buildings and is usually more crowded.

Calahonda Beach, Carchuna Beach or Torrenueva Beach are other beaches located in Motril that you will love.

The beaches of Salobrena

Granada - Salobrena - BeachSurely many of you agree with us that Salobreña is the most beautiful town on the Costa Tropical. Its steep and narrow streets surrounded by white houses that reflect its Arab past and that take us to the castle that is located in the highest part of the town give it a beauty that is difficult to overcome.

Next to the urban center we find Playa Salobreña, with all the services and where the main hotels and tourist places of Salobreña are located. It is about 1,200 meters long and is made up of gravel and dark sand.

But from Salobreña we must highlight another very famous beach, Playa de la Guardia, separated by a rock from the previous one and from where you can have great views of the Castle. The huts found on the beach itself are its hallmark.

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