The Monastery of the Cartuja de Granada

Located north of the city of Granada we find the Monastery of La Cartuja, officially called the Monastery of Our Lady of the Assumption.

It is a monastery that housed a community of Carthusian monks until 1835, the year in which they were expelled from the monastery.

This monastery was built in the 16th century by order of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, the Great Captain, who gave some land for its construction, although a different location was finally chosen.

The visit to the Cartuja Monastery

Granada - Cartuja Monastery - ChurchVisiting the Monasteiro de la Cartuja, whose construction began in 1506 and lasted 3 centuries, is an activity that should not be missed on any trip to Granada.

It has spectacular decoration and a collection of high-quality paintings. Neither its church nor its sacristy should be missed.

When you reach the Cartuja Monastery, you enter through a Renaissance-style door that leads you to a courtyard after crossing it.

From there a series of stairs start that take you to the visitable part of this beautiful place. Among them, the Church stands out above all thanks to its baroque decoration and the High Altar. Behind this altar we find the Tabernacle (or Sancta Santorum) in which the canopy and the paintings on the ceiling stand out.

Granada - Cartuja Monastery - SacristyAnother point of interest in the Cartuja Monastery is the sacristy, as we have said before. In it the decoration is precious and it is the place where the baroque is most visible in the monastery.

But without a doubt, the best thing is the dome, where the founders of the Carthusian order are represented in an excellent painting.

The cloister or the chapter house are the following destinations that should not be missed on the visit.

The first is one of the two that were initially there and in which the orange trees stand out, while in the chapter house we can admire the paintings by Carducho and the ribbed vault.

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