The Basilica of San Juan de Dios in Granada

Located a little away from the center of Granada, which is why many visitors to this beautiful city do not visit it, the Basilica of San Juan de Dios is one of those places that take your breath away from the moment you approach it.

It is a beautiful baroque basilica from the 18th century, full of works of art, and where the remains of Saint John of God are found, in an urn.

We tell you what to see in the Basilica of San Juan de Dios.

Visit the Basilica of San Juan de Dios

Granada - Basilica San Juan de DiosIn addition to a church, the complex also includes a hospital of the same name, whose stories have been closely linked. They date from the 17th and 18th centuries and the hospital was the former headquarters of the Jerónimos before moving to the San Jerónimo Monastery.

Before entering the building, we are struck by its spectacular façade, from the year 1609, made up of two bodies and with a sculpture of Saint John of God that we can see between various columns.

Granada - Basilica San Juan de Dios - ExteriorUpon entering we find two patios dominated by tiles and wall paintings. There you should not miss the Renaissance ceiling of the hall or the staircase with which we can access the upper floor without taking our eyes off the decoration of its wooden ceiling.

The Basilica, attached to the hospital, was built in the 18th century to house the remains of Saint John of God, founder of the Hospitaller Order, which financed its construction. It is a great baroque masterpiece, something that can be easily seen in its columns.

Inside the Basilica we must not fail to admire the dome found in the transept, the choir and the impressive Main Chapel, as well as the paintings and altarpieces that adorn the church. Other places of interest are the Sacristy, with a rectangular floor plan and rich decoration, the Camarín and its access with a wooden staircase and a tiled plinth.

You can find more information on the official website of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God.

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