What to visit in the most unknown rural Asturias

When we visit Asturias we always think of the typical places to visit in this spectacular region such as the big cities (Oviedo, Gijón or Avilés), the fishing villages such as Ribadesella, Llanes, Cudillero or Luarca, or the Picos de Europa area. with Cangas de Onís or Covadonga.

But in Asturias the possibilities are endless and there are also very unknown places that are well worth a visit. Here we are going to talk about some of them.

And you, do you know any other Asturian corner that we should know?

The best places to visit in rural Asturias

Taramundi and its hiking trails

Asturias - TaramundiAt the other end of Asturias, very close to Galicia, we find Taramundi, located in the Turia Valley, one of the main centers of rural tourism in the country.

The Turia Valley is perfectly conditioned for rural tourism thanks to the many hiking trails that can be done in the area, of great natural beauty.

Among these routes is the Ruta del Agua, the most beautiful and well-known.

The Water Route is 14 km but easy to do. Absolute green and water predominate on this route, as well as the Museum of the Mills.

Other routes that you can do in Taramundi are the Ruta de los Molinos, the Ruta de los Ferreiros or the Ruta del Ouroso, although there are many more than those that will inform you in the area.

Pimiango and the Pindal Cave

Asturias - Lighthouse of San EmeterioVery close to the border with Cantabria, we find Pimiango, a small village belonging to the council of Ribadedeva.

The little town has little more than 100 inhabitants but a peculiar architecture that you will love if you visit it.

If walking through its streets gives you a deep sense of tranquility, its surroundings will excite you. You can visit the San Emeterio Lighthouse, built in 1852 on the edge of a spectacular cliff.

But the most interesting thing about this area is the Cueva del Pindal, which is a World Heritage Site (among the Altamira Caves) thanks to its cave paintings that can be admired if you book in advance. Near the cave is the Monastery of Tina and the Hermitage of San Emeterio.

Muniellos Forest

Asturias - MuniellosThis spectacular forest, declared a Biosphere Reserve, is the most protected natural area in Asturias and stands out for being the largest oak grove in Spain.

Its state of conservation is very optimal, a state that can be maintained because it can only be visited by 20 people a day, so if you want to visit it you must request it well in advance.

In addition, it is an area where a good number of bears and capercaillies live, to which we must add wolves and other animals such as otters. Without a doubt, it is a perfect place to enjoy nature.

Nearby are the towns of Grandas de Salime, which stands out for its church and various stately homes, and Cangas del Narcea, with the spectacular Collegiate Church of Santa María Magdalena or the Monastery of San Juan Bautista.

The Port of Pajares

Asturias - Pajares PortThe Puerto de Pajares is the main way to enter Asturias, especially if you come from the south. If you have gone by car and have crossed the tunnels you will not have been able to admire the landscapes as much as if you have gone by the old road or by train, from where you have spectacular views of this beautiful area.

Right on the border between Asturias and Castilla y León there is a viewpoint from which you can admire an immense sea of ​​mountains that curiously will make you forget how close the real sea is.

We recommend visiting the town of Pajares, small but charming. And if you like to ski, remember that the Valgrande-Pajares ski resort is also here.

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