Do the Ruta del Cares, a wonder of Asturias. Practical information

If you are a hiking lover and want to enjoy a quality route, you have to do the Ruta del Cares. In this article we will tell you everything about the route, including a series of tips so that you can enjoy it more easily.

The Cares route is a 12-kilometre long route, 24 if we count the round trip, and it is sandwiched between the mountain and the ravine.

It is one of the most spectacular routes that can be carried out in the Picos de Europa and joins the towns of Caín in León and Poncebos in Asturias.

Do the Cares route, a route for all audiences

Asturias - Cares RouteThe fame of the Cares route is due to the spectacular views they have. In addition to this, it is a route that is more than wide enough to be enjoyed without any problem by any hiking enthusiast.

The Cares route is a very familiar route. We are talking about an excursion that lasts approximately between 3 and 4 hours and that practically, in its entire route, is flat, which reinforces the idea that it is designed for all types of public.

This route runs through the Divine Gorge of the Cares River, which is why it owes its name to the river, which we can see how it flows along the route if we look down and do not have vertigo.

The route does not have any type of loss. To follow the route, all we have to do is follow the channel and enjoy the situation, since you will find yourself in a privileged enclave of nature where, as we have said, you will be able to enjoy unique landscapes and the fauna of the place, some other goat.

Aspects to take into account before starting the route

It does not matter where to start the route. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that, if you start it in Poncebos, you will find yourself with a small slope of 2km in length, maybe something hard for the end. On the contrary, if the beginning is in Cain, obviously this slope will have become a descent.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account the transport to the route. This means that, if you have gone in your car and left it in a town, obviously you will have to return for it, so you will duplicate the route by two. However, there are options such as hiring companies that will pick you up or renting a car at the destination.

Finally, as a curious fact, it should be noted that the distance that separates the two towns, Poncebo and Caín by road, is more than 100 kilometers, while, as we have seen in the duration of the route, the distance is cut to 12 kilometers.

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