Visit Luarca, the White Town of Asturias. The Classroom of the Sea

Surely you are wanting to know the best things to see in Luarca. In Asturias we can find countless beautiful fishing villages that are worth visiting, but there is one that, along with Cudillero, stands out above the rest.

This is Luarca, also known as the Villa Blanca of the Costa Verde for its beauty and hometown of Severo Ochoa, who rests in the village cemetery.

In Luarca we can find two different areas, the old town and the 19th century bourgeois area.

A walk to enjoy the best things to see in Luarca

1. The Mirador del Chano and the Barrio de la Pescadería

Asturias - Luarca from Mirador ChanoThe best way to get to know Luarca is to go up to the Mirador del Chano and admire the town from above.

You walk up from the pier until you reach a viewpoint from which you have the best views of the city. Next to it is the Chapel of San Roque and San Martín.

In the lower part, leaving behind the Town Hall, is the Barrio de la Pescadería, one of the neighborhoods that make up Luarca and where we can enjoy beautiful fishermen’s houses, the most authentic in Luarca.

2. Luarca Pier

Luarca - PortWithout a doubt, the best thing to see in Luarca. EL Muelle is the best known of the town and the place where you will most breathe the seafaring atmosphere of the city. It is accessed from the Barrio de la Pescadería through the Puente del Beso.

When you are there and you see its ships docked in the port, you will think you are seeing a real painting.

In this area, with its shopping streets and terraces, we can enjoy the Church of Santa Eulalia and the Lonja before going to the next neighborhood that makes up the city.

3. The neighborhood of El Carambal

What to visit in Luarca - El Carambal neighborhoodThe next neighborhood to visit in Luarca is the Barrio de El Carambal, where the Mesa de Mareantes is located, the place where sailors used to meet to make decisions about their trade.

The best thing to do is stroll through the Barrio de El Carambal until you reach its upper part and enjoy another beautiful view of the Pier and its moored boats.

In the lower part is the Cemetery, where we can see the tomb of Severo Ochoa, and very close to La Atalaya and the Lighthouse.

4. The famous Indian Houses of Luarca

Asturias - Indian HousesOnce we have visited the 3 neighborhoods that surround the Luarca Pier, we can walk inland and discover the houses of the Indians, the 18th-century emigrants who went to America and who, having improved economically, built different mansions when they returned.

This is the Barrio de Villar, where we can enjoy different Indian houses such as Villa Argentina, Villa Excélsior, Villa Rosario or Villa Carmen, the house where the great Severo Ochoa lived.

You can find more information about what to see in Luarca on the official tourism page.

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