The Descent of the Sella. From Arriondas to Ribadesella

If you go to Asturias and you like adventure and nature, there is an activity that you will enjoy and have a great time with on your trip to this region of northern Spain.

This is the Descent of the Sella, a typical activity of the Sella region and that is suitable for all ages so you can even practice it as a family.

In August, the International Descent of the Sella is also celebrated, a canoeing competition that attracts thousands of visitors each year and that you cannot miss if you are visiting Asturias at this time.

How is the Descent of the Sella

Asturias - Descent of the SellaIf you want to do the Descent of the Sella there are numerous companies in the surroundings of Cangas de Onís and Arriondas that will organize the descent for you, for example

It takes place between the towns of Arriondas and Ribadesella, separated by 12 km and will take you about 4 hours.

You should not worry if you are not an expert canoeist since the river is not dangerous at all and is very calm so you can go without stress and without worries. For that reason, you can even do it with your children.

The usual thing is that before starting the descent they give you some basic notions of rowing and canoeing and also about safety. They will even give you the food that you will transport in your canoe and you can eat at one of the numerous stops along the route. The price is approximately €25-€30 per person depending on the company you hire.

Go down the river Sella by canoeAfter enjoying a pleasant walk through nature and after arriving in Ribadesella, the company you have hired will be waiting for you to take you back to Arriondas.

In addition, most companies offer you the possibility of showering in their facilities on the way back.

To make the descent of the Sella it is advisable to book several days in advance, especially in the summer months when there is more influx, and you should wear swimwear (you could also rent neoprene suits) and above all submersible footwear that protects the foot. Remember that it is essential to know how to swim.

Some tips to make the Descent of the Sella

This activity is for the whole family and it is not very difficult, but it is still necessary to take extreme precautions because there is always the possibility of falling into the water. Therefore, all companies require knowing how to swim.

Even if you don’t think it’s necessary, bring sunscreen and a hat since being in contact with the water, even if the sun isn’t too hot, could burn you. Remember to also bring dry clothes for when you finish the tour so you can change.

And also very important. Go down the river calmly. There is no rush to get there. It lasts 4 hours and if you get tired at first then it will be very hard. We also recommend delaying the meal as much as possible since after eating it may be more difficult to make efforts.


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