What to do in Gijón with children. plans to enjoy

One of the most beautiful cities you can visit in Spain is Gijón, located in Asturias next to the Cantabrian Sea and where you can go to enjoy all its charms. And a city where you will not be short of plans to do with children.

If you are looking for a city in Spain where you can enjoy with your children, Gijón has a large number of alternatives for them to enjoy, some of them even if you go without children.

We are going to see some of the activities to do with children in Gijón to give you ideas for your next visit

What to see in Gijón with children

Gijon Aquarium

There are few places that young children like more than aquariums. In this case, the Gijón Aquarium is large enough, it is not very big so that they do not get bored over time, but it is varied enough as well as having enough charm to be able to enjoy the visit.

It is located at one end of Poniente Beach, so walking from the center of Gijón enjoying the breeze and the views of the sea is also a great idea.

In the Gijón Aquarium you can find more than 4,000 species, including sharks and eels. Undoubtedly one of the best options to enjoy with children.

Botanical Garden

From the sea we go to the countryside to discover first-hand all the flora of the Botanical Garden. The Gijón Botanical Garden has nearly 32,000 plants of more than 2,000 different species.

Without a doubt, the Gijón Botanical Garden is a place where you can learn more about Mother Nature and spend a day in the countryside in a big city.

Next to the Botanical Garden is one of the best places to visit in Gijón. We are talking about the Universidad Laboral, one of the great cultural spaces in Asturias and where the largest building in Spain is located.

The Labor

The Universidad Laboral is an impressive building that, despite not having the recognition that other great monuments in Spain have, is the largest building in Spain, twice as large as others such as the Monastery of El Escorial.

La Laboral was created in its day for all the children who lost their fathers due to all the accidents that took place in the mines. The objective of the building was also to provide a destiny for these children that would prevent them from ending up in the same situation as their father.

The best visit you can do in Gijón, which although it is far from the city center, is worth it.

El Molinón Stadium

If it is the case that your children like football, reward them with a guided visit to the Molinón Tour, one of the oldest stadiums in Spain.

Sporting de Gijón is one of the veteran clubs in our league and, therefore, one with the greatest history. In the museum you will be able to learn more about the history of the club, its impact on the league and of course learn about a whole series of anecdotes that do not appear on television.

A good option to visit Gijón with children.

Roman baths of Campo Valdés

Gijón also has a few mirrors that reflect what was once the past, such as these Roman baths.

These Roman baths in Gijón share with the famous Pompeii baths the peculiarity that they were public, so they had great importance in Roman society at the time.

Today they are quite well preserved and thanks to the meticulous excavation tasks, different places can be seen where the hot areas differ from the cold ones.

Enjoy its beaches

Gijon - San Lorenzo BeachLastly, the beach. Gijón has several beaches, such as Playa de San Lorenzo or Playa de Poniente, beaches that the whole family can enjoy without exception, with special attention to the little ones due to the swings that can be found on them.

And to enjoy them from a distance, nothing better than climbing to the top of the Cimadevilla neighborhood and admiring them from above.

Children will like any of these plans, but there are many more that they can enjoy and that we invite you to discover during your visit to Gijón.

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