What to visit in Limerick and Adare. In the heart of Ireland

Limerick is a curious city in the center of Ireland that has more and more visitors. It is not the most beautiful in the country, but it does have some points of interest that will make your visit a very pleasant experience.

Also, very close is Adare. Many consider it to be the prettiest town in Ireland. N

We don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but it is true that it has a special charm and unique constructions that will leave you speechless.

What to see in Limerick

Ireland - Limerick - King John CastleLimerick is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland, the fourth largest on the island when including Belfast

It is a city with a very important past and history that have left a legacy that we can enjoy today.

The main monument to see in Limerick is King John’s Castle, located next to the River Shannon in an area called King’s Island.

It is a very colorful castle that dates back to 1212 and whose exterior walls stand out above all, although there are also some interesting places inside.

From Thomond Bridge, one of the city’s bridges, you have the best views of its walls, inside which is a Viking courtyard.

Not far from the castle is St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick’s other major landmark.

It is even older than the castle, dating back to 1168, and was built on the same site as a palace, of which some remains remain.

In addition to its façade, it is worth mentioning the small cemetery that is next to it and where there are several Celtic crosses and a beautiful cobblestone path.

Limerick ‘s other big point of interest is the Treaty Stone.

The treaty that put an end to the war between Jacobites and Wilhelmists at the end of the 17th century was signed there and it is located next to Thomond Bridge.

In addition to these 3 places of interest, we can also visit others in Limerick such as the Hunt Museum, with Greek, Egyptian and Roman antiquities that the Hunt family acquired for their private collection, the 17th century St. John’s Cathedral, or a walk through its central streets and enjoy the atmosphere of a city that was City of Culture in 2014.

Visit Adare, the town of the Cottages

Ireland - AdareAdare is one of those towns that leave no one indifferent.

And its popularity has been increasing in recent years. It is very close to Limerick and, although you have to deviate a bit, it is a must if you travel from Galway to Cork.

In the main street of Adare we find practically all the places of interest that you have to visit so it will not take you too long.

Desmond Castle, from the 13th century, is the most spectacular monument, although the Trinity Monastery, located very close, seems no less interesting.

But Adare is famous for another type of construction, the Cottages. These are traditional country houses that have survived the passing of the centuries and whose main characteristic is the thatched roof that sits on a beautiful stone façade.

In them we can find restaurants, souvenir shops, craft shops and even accommodation and they are the hallmark of Adare.

Perhaps the title of the most beautiful town in Ireland is an exaggeration, but it is certainly a very picturesque town.

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