What to see in Cork in one day, the second largest city in Ireland

In the south of Ireland is one of the cities with the most cultural and university atmosphere in the country. Here we are going to tell you all the most important things to see in Cork, as well as in its surroundings. It is a city that, without being one of the most beautiful in Ireland, will captivate you.

Cork is located on the banks of the River Lee, around which life in the city is distributed. It is also very close to the coast where there are other important places of interest with charming towns. Don’t miss out on anything there is to see in Cork.

What to see in Cork in one day

Shandon’s neighborhood

Ireland - Cork - Shandon QuarterOne day may be enough to visit Cork. The main points of interest are quite close, although we recommend spending more days to visit the surroundings as well.

The Shandon neighborhood is the most picturesque in the city, located north of the river.

It is one of the historic neighborhoods to visit in Cork built on a hill, which means that if you are going to visit it, you must arm yourself with patience to go up and down its steep slopes.

In the Shandon neighborhood there are 2 of the main churches of Cork, on the one hand the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne and on the other hand the Church of St. Anne, which should not be confused although both have almost the same Name.

Ireland - Cork - St Mary CathedralThe first is a Catholic cathedral with a tall tower visible from much of the city, imposing on the outside but simple on the inside.

St. Anne’s Church is possibly the most famous building in Cork.

It is curious that the faces of its towers are covered with different materials and above all that it contains the Shandon Bells, 8 bells that make this church famous.

It is possible to climb its narrow stairs to where the bells are located and enjoy beautiful views of Cork.

Next to it is the Butter Museum, one of Ireland’s main export products.

Visit Cork city center

Ireland - Cork - St Patrick StreetGoing down again towards the river and crossing it we arrive at the main streets of the center of Cork where we find numerous restaurants and shops.

The 2 main streets are St. Patrick’s Street and Grand Parade, where another of Cork’s main attractions, the English Market, is located.

The English Market is nothing more than a market that has preserved its essence from previous centuries, although the products that are sold have logically changed.

But it is worth visiting the English Market, especially for its peculiar architecture and its atmosphere.

Ireland - Cork - St. Finbar'sThe entire center of Cork is located on a small island formed by the River Lee as it passes through the city.

Walking through its streets, even in the rain as it happened to us, is a beautiful experience that we recommend to any visitor to the city.

To the south of this island is the Cathedral of San Finbar, with 3 spectacular towers that will not leave you indifferent.

This cathedral belongs to the Church of Ireland and this site has been a place of worship since the 7th century.

Other places to visit in Cork and County

Ireland - Cobh - CathedralWith this tour you will be able to know the most important things to see in Cork, but it is not the only thing in a city that was European Capital of Culture in 2005.

A little further from the center is Cork Gaol. It is reached through a series of steep streets and can be visited in a guided way to learn about its history.

It dates from the 19th century and there is also a Radio Museum.

On the outskirts of the city we have Blarney Castle, a must-see if you come to Cork, and on the coast a series of cities with great interest such as Cobh or Kinsale.

You can find more information on the official Cork tourism page.

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