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Irish flagThe Republic of Ireland is a country belonging to Europe, whose capital is Dublin. It has a population of 5 million inhabitants (123º) and an extension of 70,273 km 2 (118º). Its human development index is very high (it is the 4th highest in the world) and its official currency is the euro. And what language is spoken in Ireland?

What language do they speak in Ireland?

Ireland has two official languages:

  • English , spoken by 99% of the population.
  • Irish , which is also the national language, is only spoken by 36% of the population.

The most common immigrant languages ​​are Polish (51,500), Lithuanian (31,600), Latvian (8,000), Chinese (7,040), Tagalog (5,850), German (4,120). In addition, the country has 10,000 speakers of Scots and 27,000 of Shelta (the language of the Irish Travelers).

The most learned foreign languages ​​are French (17%), German (6%) and Spanish (4%). There is also a large number of citizens learning Irish (22%) and English (6%).

The English language

English (English) is the language spoken by almost the entire population. Although designated as a secondary officer in the Constitution, most legal bulletins and print advertisements are in English only. In addition, most signs are written in bilingual.

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The Irish language

Irish (Gaeilge) is the native Celtic language of the Irish . It is mandatory to learn the language in the educational system. There are several Irish-language television channels, as well as online newspapers and radio broadcasts. In the Irish Defense Forces (the army) all orders are commanded in the Irish language.

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Few language communities of Irish (known as the Gaeltacht) exist, and it is confined to rural areas in the west and south of the country. The big three Gaeltacth are Ulster (to the north), Connacht (central) and Munster (to the south). In these areas, traffic signs are not bilingual.

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Despite being an officially bilingual country, Irish citizens can often find it difficult to access government services in Irish, and many government publications are not available in both languages.

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