A tour of the Cork coast. Visit Cobh and Kinsale

County Cork has a beautiful coastline with interesting towns with a lot of history and even busy beaches where thousands of Irish flock when the weather is good.

The Port of Cork is one of the most important natural ports in the world, being the second most important in Ireland, which is why it has had a great importance in the history of the country.

Here we are going to focus on two cities, Cobh and Kinsale, but on the coast of Cork you can enjoy many other places that we invite you to visit.

What to see in County Cork

Cobh, the last stop on the Titanic

Ireland - Cobh - CathedralFollowing the course of the River Lee from Cork to its mouth is the beautiful town of Cobh.

In Cobh stands out its imposing cathedral, St. Colman Cathedral, whose tower rises into the sky to be visible from anywhere in the city.

It is a neo-gothic style building that is as spectacular on the outside as it is on the inside, and from where you also have good views of the bay where Cobh is located.

To get to the sea area of ​​Cobh you have to go down a steep hill but it is worth getting to the Promenade.

Ireland - Cobh - White Star LineFrom there you can admire the famous colored houses of Cobh that dominate the harbour.

On the Promenade are the offices of the White Star Line, the shipping company that owns the Titanic.

In these offices there is a small museum dedicated to the very curious ship where they tell you the story of the passage of the Titanic through the city, of the people who died in its shipwreck and where some objects from the ship are exhibited as well as reproductions of the cabins.

Ireland - Cobh - Annie Moore StatueNearby is a monument commemorating the victims of the Titanic as well as another commemorating the victims of another maritime disaster that hit Cobh, the sinking of the Lusitania after being attacked by a submarine. Almost 1,200 people died in this disaster.

And finally, highlight the statue of Annie Moore and her brothers, the first person to arrive on Ellis Island of the many Irish emigrants who came to New York in search of a better life.

To remember those emigrants there is also a museum in Cobh.

After returning from Ireland we must say that it is possibly the town that we liked the most of all the ones we visited and to which we would not mind returning.

Kinsale, a pretty little town with colorful houses

Ireland - KinsaleAbout 50 km west of Cobh is a small town called Kinsale, which is sure to surprise you if you visit it.

The roads are narrow with a lot of traffic but it is worth approaching this place and making a short visit that will not take you too long but you will surely like it.

This colorful city is famous for being the site of the Battle of Kinsale, in 1602, within the 9 Years’ War that pitted England against Ireland and Spain.

Kinsale is known for its colorful houses, something that brightens the eyes of any visitor who comes to this County Cork fishing town.

Ireland - Kinsale - HousesAlso of note is Desmond Castle, which now houses the Wine Museum.

It is a very well preserved building that has had numerous uses over the centuries. Not to be confused with the castle of the same name in Adare, a very pretty town near Limerick.

On the outskirts of Kinsale you can enjoy Fort James and Fort Charles, two fortifications that commemorate the battles that have taken place in this area.

Other places to visit on the Cork coast

ireland-clonakilty-libraryThese two towns are the most important that you can visit on this coast but they are not the only ones and if you have enough time we recommend doing a complete route.

If you continue west from Kinsale you will reach a pretty town called Clonakilty, where you can visit various churches and monuments related to the battles that took place here between Irish and English troops in past centuries.

In addition, its nightlife is very famous in the area thanks to its cultural and musical spaces.

If instead of going west we go east, we arrive at Youghal, where the port that overlooks the bay stands out and is famous for having served as the location for movies like Moby Dick.

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