How to visit Blarney Castle, in Cork, and its famous stone

Blarney Castle is located about 10 kilometers from Cork and is one of the main attractions of this beautiful city.

The castle dates from the 13th century, although what we can see today is a reconstruction after being destroyed in the 15th century.

The best thing about the area where it is located are its gardens, although the most visited place is the famous Stone of Eloquence, a gift that, according to tradition, you will obtain if you kiss it.

What to see at Blarney Castle

Ireland - Blarney CastleAfter passing through the castle ticket office you enter some beautiful gardens in which you will want to get lost, although the first thing you want is to see the castle, something that you will not get until you have walked a few meters through the gardens.

Blarney Castle, one of the most beautiful in Ireland, was built in the 13th century, although it was later destroyed in the 15th century, which meant that it had to be rebuilt, although currently only the keep and some rooms remain.

The most famous thing about Blarney Castle is the Stone of Eloquence, located at the top of it and which you must kiss according to tradition to get the gift of eloquence.

But kissing the Blarney Stone, as it is also known, is not easy, you must lie on your back to kiss the bottom of the stone. Under your back you have a 40-meter cliff that you better not look at.

Blarney House and Gardens

Ireland - Blarney Castle - Blarney HouseThe castle gardens are also spectacular and walking through them in total tranquility is an unforgettable experience.

One of the main points of interest inside the enclosure is Blarney House, a stately Scottish-style mansion that could well be the star of a scary movie.

Around this mansion there are different paths that take you throughout the gardens, on one side to the lake and on the other to a place called Rock Close, a romantic and mystical place where witches and goblins take center stage among its trees and stones.

Ireland - Blarney Castle - GardensAnother very curious place is the Poison Garden, where different plants such as mandrake, cannabis or opium are exhibited. It is not only forbidden to touch, but also to smell and eat the plants, as its entrance sign says.

It is one of the many castles that you can find in Ireland, a haven of tranquility thanks to its extensive gardens and a place that we also recommend visiting.

Blarney Gardens are designed so that each time of year they have a special charm.

In summer you can enjoy the color offered by its great variety of plants, in autumn the ocher colors of its deciduous trees, in winter the wonderful images of its lake and in spring the visual and olfactory explosion of its flowers.

You can find more information on the official Blarney Castle website.

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