What to see in the Matthias Church in Budapest

Matthias Church is the most famous religious building in Budapest although St. Stephen’s Basilica is the largest.

We can find it next to the Fisherman’s Bastion in the Buda District and it was the coronation place of the Kings of Hungary.

Its official name is Church of Our Lady and its visit is completely essential when you go to Budapest.

It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, patron saint of Hungary.

History of the Matthias Church in Budapest

Budapest - Matthias ChurchThe origins of the Matthias Church date back to the 13th century when King Bela IV had a temple built in the same place where a small church had already been built by Esteban I.

After its construction, it was a tradition that each Hungarian king did some remodeling, so its appearance has been changing over the centuries.

Its name is due to Matthias I, the king who transformed the church into a Renaissance style.

During the Ottoman invasion of Budapest, the Matthias Church was converted into a mosque. This was the case for 150 years until the city was recovered and Christian worship returned. The last king crowned in this church was Carlos IV in 1916.

In addition to coronations, royal weddings have also been celebrated there.

Visit the Matthias Church in Budapest

Budapest - Matthias Church - InteriorYou should not miss this church, which forms an exceptional complex with the Fishermen’s Bastion and is a must-see in the Buda District.

From the outside of the Matías Church, its immense 5-story tower located on the west façade should be highlighted.

On the second floor of this tower we can find a very interesting Gothic rose window that was hidden in one of the many renovations but was recovered in 1896.

The interior of the Matthias Church is also very interesting and contains the tombs of Bela III and his wife Ana de Antioquía. It also highlights the exhibition where there is a replica of the Crown Jewels and other religious elements.

You can find more information on the official website of the Matthias Church.

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