Visit the Parliament, the most famous building in Budapest

The Parliament of Budapest is the best-known building in the city, the most famous in Hungary and without a doubt the most beautiful that you will find on your walk through the Hungarian capital. Its dimensions are imposing and its spectacularity is amazing.

It is also possible to visit the Parliament inside on a guided tour, also in Spanish, something we recommend.

If you want to have a good photo of the Budapest Parliament, we recommend doing it from the Fisherman’s Bastion.

How to visit the Budapest Parliament

Budapest - ParliamentIt is possible to make visits to the interior of the Parliament and they can also be done in Spanish.

The visit is guided and takes you through the main points of the building. It must be said that Parliament is symmetrical and consists of two chambers, but only one is used because the Senate was abolished years ago.

The chamber that is visited is the one that is not used for political meetings.

So if you have already enjoyed its interior, do not miss the opportunity to purchase a ticket for the Parliament of Budapest.

What to see in the Budapest Parliament

Budapest - Parliament - Main StaircaseThe first point of the Budapest Parliament visited is the Main Staircase, which gives access to the building. There you can already get an idea of ​​the spectacular nature of the building.

It’s the first impression and your heart sinks as you walk up the red carpet that takes you to the central part of the building, the Dome Room.

In this room there are several statues of the Kings of Hungary and in the center we can admire the Hungarian Crown Jewels, authentic works of art protected by a glass case and guarded by royal guards who remain impassive before tourists.

In front of the Crown Jewels, the guides will briefly tell you about the history of Hungary and its kings and if you are lucky you will be able to attend the changing of the guard that takes place every hour.

Budapest - Parliament - ChamberFrom there, turning to the right, you reach the Old Upper House, which is now only used for tourist visits. The other is completely the same and that is where the Hungarian deputies sit in their seats.

When we visited the Parliament, also for free, we had to send an email to an almost hidden address that could only be obtained in tourist forums on the Internet and that was passed from tourist to tourist.

Now it is no longer free but at least it is now possible to buy the ticket directly on the official website of the Hungarian Parliament.

History of the Budapest Parliament

Budapest - Parliament - Dome HallThe construction of the Parliament of Budapest was carried out between the years 1884 and 1902 and after it it became the largest building in Hungary.

It is a neo-Gothic building no less than 268 meters long and 118 meters wide. It consists of 691 rooms.

In its day it was the largest parliament in the world but today it is the third after being surpassed by Romania and Argentina.

Many wonder how a country as small as Hungary can have such a large parliament. The answer must be found at the time it was built when the country had an area three times larger and was a great power.

The world wars weakened the country and also lost territories. However, the parliament is still there for our eyes to enjoy.

You can find more information on the official website of the Budapest Parliament.

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