The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest

In Budapest ‘s Heroes’ Square we find one of the city’s main museums, the Museum of Fine Arts.

It is the most visited of all with more than 500,000 annual visitors and forms a unique complex with the square and the Mücsarnok Art Gallery.

It was inaugurated in 1906 by Emperor Franz Joseph I and built in a neoclassical style with a façade and columns reminiscent of a Greek or Roman temple.

What to see at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest

Budapest - Museum of Fine ArtsThe interior of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest also has an enviable architecture and is another reason to visit it.

Initially, the museum was created with private collections, but little by little it grew with acquisitions and donations until it reached the large number of works of art that we can see today.

In the Gallery of Masters of Antiquity we can find works of art by European artists such as El Greco, Raphael, Tiziano, Goya or Velázquez, which gives an idea of ​​the quality of its collections.

Also noteworthy is the collection of Egyptian art that consists of some 4,000 works from excavations in the areas of Thebes and Nubia.

The collection of antiques and sculptures by European artists from before the 19th century is another very important part. There are also drawings and engravings by Raphael, Dürer, Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Cezanne, as well as sculptures by Rodin and Impressionist paintings.

Therefore, we have a museum with various types of works of art, thus covering a wide spectrum of potential visitors.

You can find more information on the official website of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.

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