Enjoy the gastronomy of Budapest in the Central Market

Built in a place of incomparable beauty, the Budapest Central Market is located in a boulevard area very close to the Liberty Bridge, over the Danube River.

Going to the Central Market is a walk that a food-loving tourist cannot miss, when he is touring Hungary and more specifically the beautiful city of Budapest.

History of the Budapest Central Market

Budapest - Central MarketThe Central Market of Budapest is an old structure built more than a century ago, currently preserving the original façade, an authentic architectural jewel.

In its early days, the market was heavily criticized because locals thought its construction was to blame for rising food prices.

The market had its dark days after World War II when it was heavily damaged in bombing and also in the 1990s, when it was declared in ruins and the public was not allowed to enter.

However, it was later fully restored and is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city and one that is worth visiting in Budapest.

How is the Central Market of Budapest

Budapest - Central Market - InteriorThe Budapest Central Market is the largest covered market in Hungary. It is made up of two floors beautifully adorned with merchandise offered to tourists and locals and a basement.

When you enter the market, who visits it is amazed by the color of the products that are offered, which are of all kinds.

Vegetables and fruits of an immense variety are sold here, presented in a beautiful way, due to their brightness and order, which allows you to observe in detail the quality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables offered, which makes it impossible not to feel an immense desire to try them.

The indisputable character of this constellation of foods is Paprika or Paprika, whose origin is Spanish, and which later spread throughout Europe and in some countries such as Hungary, was fully adopted as a condiment in practically all kitchen products.

Budapest - Central Market - PaprikaThere are many varieties of paprika depending on the taste of each one, such as sweet paprika, hot paprika or sweet and sour paprika; its presentation is very attractive thanks to its intense and bright colors. It is offered as fruit, natural as it is harvested or also ground after being cured.

In the basement of the Central Market, we find delicatessen stalls, famous throughout the world, sausages of all types and sizes unimaginable, hams, meats, fish and cheeses in addition to all the delicacies of the country’s native cuisine. There are also offers of Asian products, especially herbs and spices.

On the first floor of the market there are all kinds of crafts and textiles as well as restaurants and various food stalls.

Meanwhile, on the second floor there is a kind of artisan fair, where you can get artisan products of purely Hungarian production and characteristic of the country and to finish off this appetizing walk, you can savor an aperitif in one of the bars that are find.

You can find more information on the official website of the Budapest Central Market.

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