The Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest. The best views

The Fisherman’s Bastion is one of those essential places to visit in Budapest

It is not only essential for its original architecture or for being in an area with enviable surroundings, but also for being the best place from which you can see the most famous and beautiful monument in Budapest, the Parliament.

And besides, the area around the Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the most beautiful areas in Budapest.

Visit the Fisherman’s Bastion. what to see

Budapest - Fisherman's Bastion (2)The Hungarian name of the Fisherman’s Bastion is unpronounceable for Spanish speakers, Halászbástya, but its beauty is understood by all.

It was built between 1895 and 1902 and today it is one of the best viewpoints in the city of Budapest.

It consists of 7 towers that represent the 7 Magyar tribes that settled in the area in 896 and founded the cities of Buda and Pest.

Its name comes from the fact that those in charge of defending the walls in the Middle Ages were a group of fishermen.

Budapest - Fisherman's Bastion - InteriorNext to the building we also have an equestrian statue of Esteban I and it stands out for its white stone and its walkways and stairs through which you can walk.

It must be said that to go up to one of its halves you have to pay an entrance fee, but the other half, where there is also a restaurant, is free.

The views from both places are practically the same, so we recommend not paying the entrance fee and going directly to the free area. Actually, we do not understand why this payment area exists because, as we have said, they are the same and without highlighting one area over another.

Next to the Fisherman’s Bastion we also have another of the most interesting monuments in Budapest, the spectacular Matthias Church. Therefore, if you visit Budapest, it is mandatory to go to this area of ​​the Buda neighborhood.

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