How to enjoy the famous Budapest Spas

Going to a spa in Budapest is almost as important as visiting its Parliament, climbing the Buda Castle or crossing the Chain Bridge.

The fame of Budapest’s spas dates back several centuries as the city was known for the quality of its waters and springs.

Currently there are numerous spas in the city. If you are a couple or a group of men and women, check before going if it is a mixed spa because there are still spas that segregate by sex.

The main spas to enjoy in Budapest

We recommend buying tickets in advance to avoid queues:

The Gellert Spa, the most famous in Budapest

Budapest - Gellert SpaThe Geller Spa is the most famous. It became especially famous thanks to a Danone ad.

It is located in the Hotel Gellert although it already existed before its construction. It has its own entrance on the side of the building so it is not necessary to enter the hotel,

The main pool of the Geller Spa is very nice but the facilities are a bit dated but it is worth a visit.

You can find more information on the official website of the Gellert Spa.

The Széchenyi Bath, the largest in Budapest

Budapest - Szechenyi SpaBoth the swimming pools and the Széchenyi Spa building itself, in neo-Gothic style, are wonderful.

With its 15 swimming pools, 3 of them huge in the open air, it is one of the largest thermal complexes in Europe.

The spa has a sauna and massage service and is open until quite late.

This beautiful spa is located inside the City Park, next to the Plaza de los Héroes and it is common to find Hungarians playing chess in the water at 37ºC with whom you can also play if you want.

You can find more information on the official page of the Széchenyi Spa.

Rudas spa, the Turkish baths. The prettiest of all

Budapest - Rudas SpaThe Széchenyi Spa and the Geller Spa are the most famous and visited in the city.

But there are many others that are also very beautiful and that if you have time we recommend you visit.

One of them is the Rudas Spa, Turkish baths that have no comparison in the world and were built during the 16th century.

Do not miss its main hall with an Ottoman octagonal pool and a Turkish dome with a diameter of 10 meters. If you want to go, only on weekends it is mixed, the rest of the week is for men except Tuesdays which is for women.

You can find more information on the official website of the Rudas Spa.

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