An excursion to Gödöllő Palace from Budapest, Sissi’s palace

If you have already visited the most important of Budapest or you already know it from previous visits, we recommend you go to Gödöllő, a city 30km from Budapest where we can visit a palace that will surprise you, just as it surprised the famous Sissi, who used it during more than 20 years as a summer residence.

Gödöllő Palace is the second largest Baroque palace in the world, built in the early 18th century and purchased by the Hungarian government in the late 19th century.

Here we tell you what you can see on your visit to Gödöllő Palace.

What to see in Gödöllő Palace

Gödöllő Palace is considered by many to be the Hungarian Versailles. We do not know if the definition is very exaggerated but it is certainly close, because its beauty does not admit discussion.

It was Sissi ‘s favorite palace thanks to its architecture and beautiful gardens, which made her want to spend the summer there since she received it as a coronation gift in 1867. And when you see it in person you will understand.

The visit to the Gödöllő Palace is dedicated to the memory of Sissi, in the style of the museum that we can visit in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. In it we can get an idea of ​​Sissi’s life in this palace during her summers by visiting his bedroom, Francisco José’s rooms, the rococo chapel, the stables or the carriage area.

Very interesting equestrian shows are also regularly held in the palace and should not be missed by any horse lover.

The gardens of the Gödöllő Palace are also another highlight where we can stroll along the Avenue of Chestnuts, the Empress’s favorite place to ride a horse. Also don’t miss the palace pastry shop, where you can enjoy a nice coffee accompanied by some sweet delicacy.

If you want to take advantage of your visit to Gödöllő to also get to know the city, there are several very interesting parks and the Gödöllői Városi Múzeum, located in the oldest house in Gödöllő and where we can learn about its history.

You can find more information on the official page of the Gödöllö Palace.

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