The Cave Church in Budapest. church in a cave

On the southern slope of Mount Gellert we find the Cave Church, very peculiar and not very visited or known in Budapest, although little by little it is gaining popularity.

It is inspired by the Sanctuary of Lourdes and is carved into the side of the hill.

Inside we can find a copy of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa and a painting of a Polish monk, Saint Kolbe, who became famous for protecting other Auschwitz prisoners, which cost him his life.

History of the Budapest Cave Church

Budapest - Cave Church - InteriorOriginally, it was the Pauline fathers who used the church until the order disappeared from Hungary by order of Joseph II.

However, in 1934 a number of monks returned to this Budapest church from exile in Poland to continue its use until the church was boarded up and closed by the communist government of Hungary.

It remained that way until the communist regime fell in 1989 and it was reopened to the public.

Visit the Budapest Rock Church

Budapest - Cave ChurchThe Cave Church is a very small and curious church that has nothing to do with other religious temples where grandeur and works of art predominate.

If you want to visit the Cave Church you will find a cave dedicated to worship with a special charm that makes it unique in the city.

Although it is a bit far from the rest of Budapest’s monuments, we recommend its visit, something that you will do in a short time since its visit is very fast and that you can also do with the help of an audio guide.

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