What to see in Prague in 3 days. A complete walk through the capital of Bohemia

If you want to know the best things to see in Prague in 3 days, here we are going to design a complete tour of the city with which you will not miss a single detail of the essential places to visit in Prague, knowing it without stress and practically walking.

Prague, known as the city of a thousand towers, is made up of 5 neighbourhoods, each with a special charm, which we will explore on this 3-day tour of the capital of Bohemia.

Do not miss anything of Prague with our tour to visit Prague in three days.

What to see in Prague in 3 days

First day in Prague. What to visit

what to see in Prague in three days - Astronomical Clock - DialOn our first day of the three-day route through Prague, we recommend you visit the most historic neighborhood of the city, the Staré Mesto neighborhood, the essential and most picturesque. In it is the Plaza de la Ciudad Vieja, the best known place and where we can start our tour.

In the Plaza de la Ciudad Vieja is the Astronomical Clock, in the highest part of the Old Town Hall and a fundamental visit thanks to its beauty and the spectacle that the twelve apostles give every hour on the hour in this 15th century clock, which is why that you will almost always find people in this square.

From this square you can admire the Church of Our Lady of Tyn, in the Gothic style and notable for its two pointed towers that you can also admire from the top of the Town Hall. Don’t miss the Church of San Nicolás either, on a corner of the square and not to be confused with the baroque one in the Malá Strana neighbourhood.

The best thing after visiting the Tyn Church is to get lost in the medieval streets of Staré Mesto, admiring its narrow streets full of restaurants, puppet shops, souvenir shops, special corners and black theater venues. The Torre de la Pólvora is another of the places that you must visit and which you must climb to have great views of the city. Nearby is the Municipal House, the greatest exponent of Art Nouveau in Prague.

Visit Prague in three days - Jewish CemeteryIn this way you will have already visited the most historic neighborhood and it’s time to head towards Josefov, the Jewish Quarter of Prague. There we can visit its famous synagogues and especially the Jewish Cemetery, one of the most surprising places in Prague and that will leave you speechless during your three-day visit to the city. Do not miss anything of the neighborhood with this tour of the Jewish Quarter.

We recommend visiting all the synagogues, especially the Moorish-style Spanish Synagogue, and the Pinkas Synagogue, where your heart will shrink when you see the names of those killed in World War II in the Terezin Concentration Camp written on its walls. Until you’re there you don’t get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the extermination.

After this we will return to Staré Mesto to visit the Clementinum and its spectacular library. Without a doubt, one of the best things to see in Prague. Next to it is the Charles Bridge, from which you have great views of Prague Castle

What to visit on the second day

See Prague in 3 days - CastleOn the second of our three days in Prague we will go to Hradcany, a neighborhood located on the other side of the Vltava River that we can reach by tram. In it is the impressive Prague Castle.

As it is a very large enclosure, if you do not want to miss anything, we recommend you take this guided tour of Prague Castle.

Prague Castle is a very large enclosure with many points of interest so you may spend the whole morning in it. Even the time spent will seem little to you because it is a place that surprises you.

In the Prague Castle you should not miss the Cathedral of Saint Vitus, traditional place of coronation of the Kings of Bohemia and where some of their tombs are found, the Basilica of Saint George, the Old Royal Palace, where you can admire the famous Sala Vladislav, or the Golden Lane, the most charming place in the castle and one of the most picturesque in Prague.

In addition to other palaces, towers and museums, you can visit the gardens of Prague Castle, the last place to visit before going down the beautiful stairs that take you to Malá Strana, another of the neighborhoods to see in Prague in three days, located at feet of the castle

What to do in Prague in 3 days - Charles Bridge TowersIn Malá Strana, we must highlight the Church of San Nicolás, which you will have already seen from the castle gardens. This beautiful church is one of the best examples of baroque in the world with an interior that you will not be able to stop admiring. Also do not miss the Column of the Holy Trinity, located outside, in the square where the church is, before continuing walking through the neighborhood.

The last destination is the Charles Bridge, which you will already know from the previous day, but this time from the other shore. Crossing the Charles Bridge is one of the best experiences to do in Prague thanks to its atmosphere, its musicians, vendors and the two towers at its ends.

The day can end tasting the exquisite Czech cuisine in one of the Staré Mesto restaurants or going to a black theater venue, one of the traditions of the Czech Republic.

What to see in Prague on the third day

Prague - Wenceslas Square - StatueThe last day of the three days to visit Prague arrives. There is still much to see and this time we will go to the most modern part of the city, although if you have enough time you can also repeat any of the visits of the previous days that you liked the most.

This third day can start at Wenceslas Square, the heart of Nove Mesto, the trendiest neighborhood in Prague. This square is immense and in it there is an equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslas, patron saint of Bohemia, located in front of the most imposing building on the square, the National Museum of Prague. Before reaching it, you can visit some of the most important shopping streets in Prague, starting from Wenceslas Square.

The Prague National Museum is an essential visit thanks to its large art collections and the building itself, located very close to another place to visit, the Prague State Opera. If you have arrived by train to the city, it is probably the first thing you see as it is located next to the railway station.

Prague - Dancing HouseFrom there you can walk through the modern streets of Prague, or by public transport if you want to get there in less time, to another of the most famous places in Prague, the Dancing House, a modern building that has carved a niche for itself among so many buildings. historical.

The Dancing House, whose interior cannot be visited, is located next to the river whose bank we can walk to the National Theater, another of the impressive buildings that we can see in Prague.

We cross the Bridge of the Legions, in front of the National Theater, and arrive at Mount Petrin, one of the most beautiful gardens in Prague, where you will find numerous attractions such as the Petrin Tower, from which you have beautiful views of the city. You can get there on foot or by funicular if you don’t want to walk so much.

This is how our three-day visit to Prague would end, in which you will have known all the important points of the city, although of course you will have left many others to visit, since this city is full of mysteries and curious corners.

You can find more information about what to see in Prague on the official Prague tourism website.

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