A Tour of Prague Castle

Dominating the skyline of Prague that rises above the Vltava River, and whose best views we have from the other shore next to the Charles Bridge, we have the imposing Prague Castle, the most important monument in the Czech Republic and the largest castle in the world. world.

Far from what we usually know as a castle, Prague Castle is a collection of palaces, churches and alleys that take us back to the beginning of the history of Prague. We tell you what to see in the Prague Castle and we give you tips to visit it.

As it is a very large enclosure, if you do not want to miss anything, we recommend you take this guided tour of Prague Castle.

What to visit in Prague Castle

Starting the tour of Prague Castle

Prague - Prague Castle - Courtyard of HonorEntering from the north, we arrive at Patio II, first crossing the Puente de la Pólvora and leaving the Royal Gardens to one side.

In this courtyard we can find a beautiful baroque fountain in its center and also access to the exhibition where there is a large collection of paintings.

Overcoming the temptation to go to the Cathedral of San Vito, we recommend going in the opposite direction to Patio I, also called Patio de Honor where its façade stands out and where every day at 12 in the morning the changing of the guard takes place.

Saint Vitus Cathedral

Prague - St. Vitus CathedralGoing through Patio II again, we arrive at Patio III.

Here the first thing we will find will be the main door of the spectacular St. Vitus Cathedral, undoubtedly the symbol of Prague and the Czech Republic.

San Vito Cathedral began to be built in 1344, although its works lasted centuries and it was not opened to the public until 1929.

The Cathedral was the place where the Kings of Bohemia were crowned and today inside we can find the tomb of Wenceslas IV and the Crown Jewels.

Your visit is essential and its interior is simply spectacular. It is even possible to climb its tower, although you will need to be in good shape to face all the stairs.

The Old Royal Palace and the Vladislav Hall

Prague - Vladislav HallFrom there we can walk to the side of the Cathedral of San Vito where the South Tower is located, no less than 100 meters high and next to it the Puerta del Oro, from the 14th century and the most beautiful in the temple.

Just opposite, next to some beautiful buildings, we find another of the jewels of Prague Castle, the Old Royal Palace.

It was built of wood in the 9th century and inside we can find the spectacular Vladislav Hall where weddings, coronations, banquets and other events of the Kings of Bohemia were held.

The Basilica of Saint George

Prague - Basilica of Saint GeorgeThe exit of the Old Royal Palace leaves you in the Plaza de San Jorge where the Basilica of San Jorge is located, founded in the year 920.

We can highlight its baroque railings and the tomb of Prince Vratislav I, founder of the church.

You also have to admire the painting of the Assumption of the Virgin on one side.

From the Plaza de San Jorge, bordering the other side of the Cathedral of San Vito, we can go to the Powder Tower where there is a military museum.

The beautiful Alley of Gold

Prague - Golden AlleyFrom the beautiful Plaza de San Jorge we access Jirska Street that takes us to the eastern part of Prague Castle.

In this street we have the Rosenberg Palace, a beautiful Renaissance palace where part of the original decoration is preserved.

But above all we have access to another of the most beautiful places in the enclosure, the Callejón del Oro.

In this small alley we find tiny colored houses, dating from the 16th century and where we currently find several craft shops. The famous writer Frank Kafka lived in one of these houses.

If you manage to be on this street without crowds you can enjoy one of the unique experiences of Prague. We recommend entering each of the houses where you can and admire these small constructions where the ancient goldsmiths worked.

The gardens of the Prague Castle

Prague - Prague Castle - ViewsAt this point our visit to the interior of the Prague Castle would have ended, but there are still the Gardens in the southern area to visit, from where there are wonderful views of Prague.

There you have a viewpoint from which you can see the city from above.

From these pleasant gardens you can return to Patio I or go down the stairs that take you to the Malá Strana neighborhood and continue visiting the city.

And don’t forget to admire the Prague Castle from the Vltava River.

History of Prague Castle

Prague - Prague Castle - General ViewTo better understand each corner of Prague Castle, it is necessary to know its history, a history linked to that of the city.

Its origins go back to the end of the 9th century when Prince Borijov moved his residence to this place where he built a wooden palace.

Several churches were built around it, including the Basilica of Saint George, to which the Bishop of Prague moved in 973.

The Prague Castle gradually grew in later centuries, building great jewels such as the Vladislav Hall, the Golden Alley and finally the St. Vitus Cathedral.

For centuries, with some exceptions, it was the official residence of the Kings of Bohemia and today, after some reforms produced during the 20th century due to the abandonment it suffered in the 19th century, it is the residence of the President of the Czech Republic and since 1989 it can be visited.

You can find more information on the official page of the Prague Castle.

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