The Tyn Church in Prague. Guarding the heart of Stare Mesto

The full name of this beautiful church is Church of Our Lady in front of the Tyn and it is the most important church that we can find in the Stare Mesto neighborhood in Prague.

Without it, the landscape of the Old Town Square would not be the same, even though it is not really located in this square, but stands out above its lower buildings.

The best place to admire this church is from the Town Hall Tower, from where you will have unbeatable views.

History of the Church of Our Lady of the Tyn

Prague - Old Town Square - Tyn ChurchPrior to its construction, a Romanesque church dating from the 11th century was located on this site.

After that church, another small church was built in the Gothic style.

But it was not until the end of the 14th century that this beautiful church began to be built in works that lasted several decades until in 1511 the towers were finished and its construction was considered complete.

Its name, Tyn, is due to the fact that the church is built among other buildings in very small spaces, unlike the usual one facing squares or open spaces. Tyn, in old Czech means “locked up”.

The exterior of the Church of Our Lady of Tyn

Prague - Tyn Church - ExteriorIts 2 imposing towers 80 meters high can be seen from anywhere in the Old Town Square, especially from the Town Hall Tower.

However, it is difficult to find your entrance. To get to its door you will have to go through some narrow alleys, even cross shops to access its interior.

Before entering the door of the Church of Tyn you do not think you are in front of a building 80 meters high, 52 meters long and 48 meters wide.

And once you have admired its exterior you can now enter to admire its interior.

Visit the Tyn Church inside

Prague - Tyn Church - InteriorInside we can find a great mix of architectural styles. There are Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance elements but they are perfectly harmonized and their contrast is pleasing to the eye.

The paintings that represent the Holy Family and the Assumption of the Virgin, together with the organ, are the most interesting elements of the church.

It should be noted that the organ is the oldest in Prague and was built in 1673. Also inside is the oldest baptismal font in the city, from the year 1414.

In its side chapels there are various tombs, including those of the astronomer Tycho Brahe, whose great achievement was to unite the Church and Astronomy by formulating a theory halfway between those of the Sun and the Earth as the center of the universe.

If you want to visit its official page, it is only available in Czech.

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