Visit the Powder Tower in Prague

At the entrance to the Old Town of Prague from the north, we find a 65-meter-high blackened-looking tower that represents another of the Czech capital’s Gothic jewels.

This tower is quite similar to the Old Town Tower located on the Charles Bridge, but if you look closely you can find quite a few differences.

Its blackened appearance, typical of Prague, is one of its hallmarks.

Visiting the Powder Tower

Prague - Powder TowerThe origins of this spectacular tower that was one of the gates of the city during the Middle Ages date back to 1475 when its construction began

It was one of the 13 towers that protected the city of which today only the Powder Tower and the Old City Tower remain standing, built a century earlier.

During its history it has had several names but in the 18th century it was used as a gunpowder store and that is when it acquired its current name.

It has been restored several times after being damaged in different wars, but much of the initial ornamentation is still preserved.

Prague - Powder Tower - ViewFrom the outside of the Powder Tower we can highlight the different statues of the Kings of Bohemia that are preserved, including Charles IV and Vladislav II, at the height of the first floor.

Together with them, different shields and emblems complete the set. A little higher, at the height of the second floor, we find some more religious statues such as different saints as well as Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

From the top you have great views of the Stare Mesto neighborhood in the foreground and the Castle in the background.

To be able to climb you must do so by spiral stairs of 186 steps and you access a gallery located 44 meters above the ground.

In this gallery we can also see an exhibition on the history of the city of a hundred towers, a nickname by which Prague is known.

You can find more information on the official page of the Prague Towers.

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