A walk with the best things to see in Prague in 4 days. A very complete visit

To know the most important things to visit in Prague, 4 days are more than enough. You will be able to take a very complete tour of all the important neighborhoods of the city and even take a nearby excursion. And it is that the essential things to see in Prague are all very close and can be done on foot for a large part.

The city of Prague is made up of 5 neighborhoods, each with its own charm. You should visit all of them to get an idea of ​​the city and learn all about its history.

Here we are going to tell you what to see in Prague in four days so you don’t miss anything.

What to see in Prague in 4 days

What to visit on the first day

what to see in Prague in 4 days - Old Town Square - Tyn ChurchWe can start our first day of the 4-day route through Prague in the most historic neighborhood of the city, as well as the most picturesque and of course, the essential, the Staré Mesto neighborhood. Its nerve center is the Old Town Square.

In the Old Town Square we can visit the Old Town Hall and go up to one of the main points of interest, its Tower, from which you will have great views of the square and much of Prague. It is also home to the famous Astronomical Clock, which marks every hour with an interesting show given by the twelve apostles and attracts hundreds of onlookers.

From the top of the tower you will have great views of the Church of Our Lady of Tyn, our next destination, but not before taking a walk around the square and visiting the Church of Saint Nicholas, not to be confused with the one in the Malá Strana neighborhood..

Prague - Jewish CemeteryAfter visiting the Church of Our Lady of Tyn, we can wander around until we reach the Powder Tower, one of the many towers that fill the city. Going up to its upper part will give you great views of Prague. Nearby is the Municipal House, a must-see and the greatest exponent of Art Nouveau.

The Josefov neighborhood is our next destination. Visiting its synagogues is essential, especially the Spanish Synagogue and the Pinkas Synagogue. And essential is also the Jewish Cemetery, a hidden gem of Prague that will overwhelm you. In any case we recommend visiting all the synagogues.

After these visits we should go to the Clementinum. Its interior is spectacular, especially its library, one of the best things to see in Prague. Next to it is the Charles Bridge, from where you can admire the Vltava River and the Prague Castle, whose beauty is accentuated if it is already dark.

What to see in Prague on the second day

visit Prague in 4 days - Prague Castle - General ViewOn the second of the four days to visit Prague, we must go to Hradcany, the Prague Castle district, located on the other side of the Vltava River and which we can reach by tram to save time.

Prague Castle is a very large compound, so you will spend at least the whole morning visiting it as it has many points of interest. For this we recommend you to do this guided tour of the Prague Castle.

The best things to see in Prague Castle are the Cathedral of Saint Vitus, where the Kings of Bohemia have been crowned and where some of them are buried, the Basilica of Saint George, the Vladislav Hall that is located in the Old Royal Palace, and of course, the Callejón del Oro, the most picturesque place in the castle and one that you cannot forget.

Prague - Lesser Town SquareThe visit to Prague Castle can be completed by admiring its Pinacoteca, the Changing of the Guard and its Gardens, the last visit before heading to Malá Strana, the neighborhood at the foot of the castle.

To get to Malá Strana you must go down some picturesque stairs that will leave you next to the Church of Saint Nicholas, possibly the most beautiful church to visit in Prague in 4 days. Baroque style will leave you speechless.

After the visit you can walk to the Charles Bridge again and cross it, an experience in itself thanks to its musicians, street vendors and the great atmosphere that is breathed in it. The towers at its ends can also be visited.

The second day can end with dinner in one of the many restaurants in Staré Mesto or in a black theater venue, a tradition in Prague.

What to do in Prague on the third day

What to visit in Prague in 4 days - Wenceslas Square - StatueWe continue in this city and there is still much to do in Prague. We are going to dedicate this third day to the most modern part of the Bohemian capital, the Nove Mesto neighborhood. The heart of the neighborhood is the immense Wenceslas Square, from where some of the most commercial streets of the city start, which you should visit if you want to do some shopping.

At the end of Wenceslas Square there is an equestrian statue of the patron saint of Bohemia, located in front of the most imposing building on the square, the interesting National Museum of Prague, which you should visit not only for its art collections but also for the building itself. itself, a gem of Prague.

Nearby is the Prague State Opera, which you probably already know if you have come to the city by train, as it is next to the railway station.

Not too far away there are two museums that are also worth a visit. At least visit one of them. If you have time, both. It is the Mucha Museum, dedicated to the life and work of the great Czech artist and the Museum of Communism, essential if you want to know his history.

Our next destination has nothing to do with the historical buildings that we have visited these days. This is the Dancing House, which you can reach by walking through the modern streets of this area of ​​the city or by public transport to save time. Thus ends our visits on the third day in Prague.

What to visit on the fourth day in Prague

Prague - Views from Mount PetrinThe last of our four days in Prague we can start at the Loreto, located in Hradcany, like the Castle but which we did not visit on the second day when we arrived in this area.

The Loreto is a place of pilgrimage in Prague. It is an exact replica of the house where the annunciation of the Virgin Mary supposedly took place. The original is in Italy but this one is also worth a visit thanks to its sculptures, its cloister, the Church of the Nativity and its relics, as well as the Treasury.

Nearby is the Strahov Monastery, another essential place to visit in Prague on a four-day visit. The highlight of the monastery is its Library, which rivals that of the Clementinum in beauty. In addition we can also admire a beautiful art gallery, one of the most important in Central Europe.

From here you can walk to Mount Petrin, one of the most beautiful gardens to be found in Prague. There is the Petrin Tower, the best viewpoint in the city and from which you will have great views of Prague. Also do not miss many other points of interest on Mount Petrin before descending.

The last destination will be the National Theater, located next to the Vltava River that we will cross through the Bridge of the Legions.

This last day could also have been dedicated to making an excursion to a nearby place such as the Terezin Concentration Camp, or further afield such as Cesky Krumlov or Karlovy Vary.

You can find more information about what to see in Prague on the official Prague tourism page.

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