What to see in Camprodon and its medieval villages. The Valley of Camprodon

If you are wanting to know what to see in Camprodon and what to visit in its valley by car, here is the answer.

The Camprodón Valley, located in the Ripollés region in the province of Girona, is one of the magical places in Catalonia where you can find spectacular villages of medieval origin and enjoy the first foothills of the Pyrenees.

In the Camprodón Valley we have the source of the River Ter and a series of towns that demonstrate the medieval essence of the area. We must highlight Beget, for many one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia and which belongs to the municipality of Camprodón.

Route by car through the Valley of Camprodón

1. What to see in Camprodón, the most important in the valley

The most important town in the area is the one that gives its name to the valley, the beautiful city of Camprodón, a city with a lot of history and very touristy, now converted into a great commercial and service enclave.

Possibly the best-known monument in Camprodon is the New Bridge, which has crossed the River Ter since the 12th century, although it has undergone subsequent modifications. Without a doubt, the main point of interest in Camprodon to take a photo.

But it is not the only point of interest to see in Camprodon. We can also enjoy the Sant Pere Monastery, founded in the 10th century by the Count of Besalú, although it was restored in the 17th century after almost falling into ruin. Its façade, its tower and the church stand out.

Camprodón is the birthplace of the composer Isaac Albéniz, so music is of great importance in the city. We highlight the Music Festival that is held every year and the Isaac Albéniz Museum dedicated to the great musician.

2. Beget, a town anchored in the past

Girona - BegetOur tour by car through the Camprodón Valley begins on the road that takes you from Castellfolit de la Roca, full of curves.

But it is worth the journey, both for the impressive views and landscapes that will pass before your eyes and for enjoying a town where time seems not to have passed.

The highlight of Beget is the Church of San Cristóbal, with its tall and characteristic Romanesque tower, being a symbol of Catalonia.

Leaving aside the church, you can continue along the path that takes you from a small parking lot at the entrance to the town, cross the two bridges in the neighborhood and enjoy its houses and the tranquility of a town only broken by tourists who come to it, since only a little more than 20 people live there.

You can also visit other towns in the area such as Llanars or Rocabruna, which you can visit if you go to Beget.

3. Setcases, another stone town

Let’s go into the Pyrenees, starting from Camprodón, we arrive at another town of those that are marked in your retina and that you will never forget.

Between Camprodón and Setcases is the town of Vilalonga de Ter, where you can enjoy the Church of San Martín and the many options related to nature in its surroundings.

Setcases tends to have more tourism in winter than in summer due to the fact that the Valter 2000 ski resort is very close, making it a perfect destination if you are looking for tranquility and pleasant temperatures in the hottest months.

In Setcases you can enjoy its stone alleys and its picturesque houses nestled in a spectacular setting that you won’t want to leave.

In addition to Valter 2000, in Setcases we can enjoy the Church of San Miguel and the source of the River Ter, the main river in Catalonia, which is very close.

You can find more information about the Camprodón Valley on the official tourism website for the Ripollés region.

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