How to enjoy a visit to Port Aventura and Ferrari Land

Although now we can find other theme parks in Spain, Por Aventura was the first to open in our country in 1995 and today it is the theme park that receives the most visits.

Port Aventura is located on the Costa Dourada, in the town of Salou, in Tarragona and is a perfect attraction to go from Barcelona if you are visiting this city. You can even take an excursion from Barcelona with entrance included.

Here we are going to tell you what to do in Port Aventura as well as the prices of its tickets and schedules.

How is Port Aventura

Port Aventura - MediterraneanLike most theme parks of this type, Port Aventura is divided into different thematic areas where everything revolves around a theme, from its attractions to the restaurants, through the setting and the shows.

Port Aventura, in addition to the amusement park itself, also has several themed hotels, a golf course, a convention center and a water park. And in the future it will also have a thematic space dedicated to the Ferrari brand where, in addition to an amusement park, there will be a hotel dedicated to Ferrari. But we will talk about this place when it opens, predictably in 2015.

What areas exist in Port Aventura

Port Aventura - Dragon KhanIn Port Aventura we can find 6 different areas, each with its own charm and elements that make them unforgettable.

The first area that we find as we enter the park is Mediterranea, set in a small Mediterranean fishing village and from where a boat and a train depart to take you to the rest of the park. Here is also one of the star attractions of Port Aventura, the Furious Bacchus, in which you will accelerate to 135 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

Port Aventura - Furius BacchusNext to this area is Polynesia, where nature is the main theme and where we find various water attractions among palm trees and a tropical environment. You will even think of traveling to Tahiti thanks to its shows and restaurants.

The next area is China, with buildings set in this ancient country and where you will think you have traveled to the Far East. In the China area is the most famous roller coaster in the park since it was inaugurated, the Dragon Khan, although in 2012 the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Europe was inaugurated, Shambhala, which little by little is becoming the emblem from PortAventura.

We must not forget Mexico, where the Gran Teatro Maya is located, where different shows set in the Mayan culture are held, as well as important attractions such as the Hurakan Condor.

Port Aventura - Far WestFar West is the next themed zone. And it is that the Far West can never be missing in a theme park. It is an area with games of the old west and restaurants with the best hamburgers. Among the main attractions we find Stampida, a roller coaster where two trains make a race, or different water attractions.

And finally we have the most modern area of ​​the park, since it was inaugurated in 2011. It is Sesame Adventure, where the main protagonists are the characters from Sesame Street. It is an area designed for the smallest of the family.

Ferrari Land, for lovers of the motor world

Opened in 2017, Ferrari Land is the latest major attraction in Port Aventura. It is dedicated to the car manufacturer Ferrari, so the color red is the hallmark of this new theme park.

In it you can find numerous attractions with Ferrari as a common thread through which you can feel like a Formula 1 driver or even learn more about the history of the brand. Releasing adrenaline is the main activity in this area.

In Ferrari Land different places in Italy are recreated such as Venice, Milan or Rome and there is a reproduction of Enzo Ferrari’s house. All this accompanied by numerous shops and restaurants, as well as various shows, which are usual in these theme parks.

It must be said that the ticket for Ferrari Land is sold as an add-on to Port Aventura, that is, it is not possible to buy a ticket for only this new theme park.

Enjoy Port Aventura without queues

Port Aventura - SesameAt some times of the year, for example in summer and on long weekends, it is possible that there will be a large influx of people in Port Aventura. We recommend visiting it on other dates, but if you have no other option, you should know that there is an Express service that allows you to enjoy the main attractions of the park without queuing.

You have different types:

  • Express Max: You have preferential access once per attraction. It costs €27.
  • Express Max Gold: You have preferential access 1 time per attraction and also go up in the front row 1 time in Shambhala, Dragon Khan or Furius Baco. It costs €32.
  • Express Premium: You have unlimited preferential access to all the attractions. It costs €48.
  • Express Premium Gold: You have unlimited preferential access to all the attractions and also go up in the front row 1 time in Shambhala, Dragon Khan or Furius Baco. It costs 53.

You can find more information on the official Port Aventura website.

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