What to see in Pedraza in one day. A dream town in Segovia

One of the most beautiful towns to visit in the province of Segovia is Pedraza, located 37km from the Segovian capital and not far from Madrid, making it a perfect day trip from this city.

If you want to enjoy a different day, from here we recommend you to carry out a day trip to Pedraza, a very charming town that you will fall in love with.

Pedraza is a very interesting town that has a few things to see, we are going to present some of them to encourage you to write down the name of Pedraza as a future destination.

What to see in Pedraza in one day

The castle of Pedraza

Pedraza is a medieval town that has an important history behind it and fortunately, it is one of the best preserved medieval towns. Precisely because of this, one of its main attractions is its castle.

Pedraza Castle has had the honor of serving as the home of important members of royalty, such as the sons of King Francisco I of France. The good condition of the castle allowed it to be acquired in 1926 by the painter Ignacio Zuloaga who reformed it and whose descendants today converted it into a museum where part of his works are exhibited.

In addition to being able to enjoy the works of this painter, visiting the castle will allow you to enjoy a walk through history inside, seeing what the rooms were like and how they were distributed.

Gate of the Villa de Pedraza

Pedraza is a town that, like a good medieval town, has been completely walled. In this way, today it still has only one entrance, known as Puerta de la Villa.

At this point, despite the fact that cars can enter, we recommend that you enter on foot, since in this way you will be able to relive past times when both visitors and citizens crossed the only door that, when closed, allowed them to be safe during the night.

Through the door, today you can still see a prevention room where the prisoners of the place were held in shackles. In addition, the dark cells where they were found are perfectly preserved to this day. One of the best things to see in Pedraza in one day.

Calle Real and Plaza Mayor

Losing ourselves through the streets of Pedraza we can reach Calle Real, a most important street since through its route we will arrive at another of the most important places in town, its Plaza Mayor.

Along this Calle Real we can see the richness that these facades once had and whose charm they still retain today. This beauty has been the reason why many television series set in the middle ages have recorded many scenes in its streets.

With regard to the Plaza Mayor, it is a typical Castilian Plaza Mayor, porticoed and very spacious and where it also has some of the most important houses in the entire town. In these houses you can see the heraldic shields of those families, who once inhabited them, Castilian nobles of the time.

Today, many of these houses are grills and restaurants, so this Plaza Mayor is the perfect excuse to enjoy one of the best suckling pigs you can find, a specialty of the house.

You can find more information on the official Pedraza tourism page.

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