The best thing to see in Lleida in one day. A walk through its history

Do you want to know what to see in Lleida in one day? On a hill on the banks of the Segre River we find the beautiful city of Lleida, in an enclave that has attracted human beings since the 5th century BC.

Around this hill is the center of the city and the main places to see in Lleida, a city with great charm dominated from above by the Seu Vella, visible from almost anywhere in the surroundings.

Strolling through Lleida admiring its monuments and also along the Segre River is an opportunity that you should not miss.

Main places of interest to see in Lleida

1. La Seu Vella, the main place to visit in Lleida

What to see in Lleida - Seu VellaWithout a doubt, the Seu Vella is the heart of Lleida, its main point of interest and the one that we can find on all the postcards of the city.

Its great tower stands out from the rest of the buildings that are arranged on the slopes of the hill and it is the old cathedral of Lleida. It was built between the 13th and 15th centuries in Romanesque style on top of an old mosque. Undoubtedly one of the best exponents of Catalan Romanesque.

In addition, the views from Seu Vella are great. Especially if you climb its tower leaving behind the fear of its 300 steps. The cloister, surprisingly situated opposite the main entrance, is a Gothic masterpiece and a place not to be missed.

Next to it is the King Suda Castle, where you can visit an interesting exhibition on the history of the city.

2. The New Cathedral

see Lleida in 1 day - New Cathedral - InteriorThe New Cathedral (Seu Nova) is located in the lowest part of the city and was built throughout the 18th century to replace the Seu Vella, which had been badly damaged during the War of Succession.

Built thanks to Carlos III, the bishop of the city, and the contributions of the citizens, this baroque-style temple is a good starting point to begin a visit to the most commercial area of ​​Lleida, since Calle Mayor and other streets start from it. shopping streets of the city center.

The stairs stand out, with the Bourbon coat of arms, as well as the image of the Virgin of Montserrat that is inside.

Don’t miss the Corinthian columns that support the semicircular arches.

3. Old Hospital of Santa Maria

What to visit in Lleida - Old Hospital Santa MaríaIn front of the New Cathedral we find a building that already stands out on the outside and that invites us to go inside to get to know it. This is the Old Hospital of Santa María, in the Gothic-Plateresque style and, although it housed a hospital for many years, today it is the headquarters of the Institute of Ilerdenses Studies.

If you like its facade, its interior patio will surprise you. Inside , where you seem to be isolated from the hustle and bustle that usually exists on Calle Mayor, you will think you have gone back in time while admiring its stone staircase that leads to a gallery of pointed arches.

You can also enjoy the Archaeological Museum of Lleida, getting closer to the history of the province.

4. Paeria Palace

what to do in Lleida - Paeria PalaceWalking down Calle Mayor, among countless commercial establishments, we come across the Lleida Town Hall, located in the Palacio de la Paeria, another of the great monuments to see in Lleida.

The Palace must be seen from all perspectives, since it is curious that the facade that faces the Plaza de la Paeria is in Romanesque style while the one that faces the Segre River, the rear, is totally different from the neoclassical style. It seems to be two buildings in one and surely the two facades will surprise you.

Inside the building, from the 12th century, we find a nice patio where there is a well and we can also visit different rooms. In one of them we can find a beautiful altarpiece from the 15th century. In the basement there are remains of a Roman building and Andalusian baths.

5. The main churches of Lleida

get to know Lleida - Plaza Sant JoanThere are several churches that we can find in the historic center of Lleida and its surroundings, but in addition to the two cathedrals that we have already talked about, we want to highlight 3 churches, quite close, and that are worth visiting.

On one side is the Church of Sant Joan, located in one of the liveliest squares in Lleida and which was built in the neo-Gothic style in the 19th century. Its façade and its stained glass windows stand out and from the square we can have a curious image of the Seu Vella tower.

The Church of Sant Llorenç, located very close to the New Cathedral, is another outstanding church in the city, in Romanesque style and despite its small size it has a large tower and 4 interesting Gothic altarpieces inside.

Finally, the Church of Sant Martí deserves mention, from the 12th century and which has been of vital importance in the war history of the city after having served as a barracks and also as a prison.

6. Gardeny Castle

Lleida - Gardeny CastleA little further from the center of Lleida and from the hill on which the historic part of the city sits, we find the Gardeny Castle, built in the 12th century and of special importance in the defensive history of Lleida.

It is located on another hill so the views from there are unbeatable. In fact, there is no better place to see Seu Vella with the city at your feet.

It is a Templar castle where there is an interesting Interpretation Center of the Order of the Temple and to know what life was like for the Knights Templar.

You can find more information on the Lleida tourism page.

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