What to see in Priego de Córdoba, one of the most beautiful white villages

Priego de Córdoba is one of those white villages that are so typical of Andalusia and that leave us all open-mouthed when we get to them. This, located about 110 km southeast of the city of Córdoba, is also one of the most beautiful that we can find in this area.

It is also a perfect place to visit the Sierra Subbéticas Natural Park and enjoy its trails and natural wonders. It is also close to another of the best towns to visit in Córdoba, Zuheros.

Here we tell you a tour with the best things to see in Priego de Córdoba so you don’t miss anything about one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia.

What to see in Priego de Cordoba

The neighborhood of the village

Our walk through Priego de Córdoba can begin in the Plaza de la Constitución, the nerve center of the town, where the Town Hall, the most beautiful building in the square, and the Tourist Office are located. From there we can walk to the Barrio de la Villa.

The Barrio de la Villa is the most historic part of the medieval area, with a labyrinthine network of narrow streets where you want to get lost and enjoy its facades decorated with flowers. In this area we have the Castle, an Arab fortress that stands out for its Torre del Homenaje and the views from its walls.

We also highlight in this neighborhood the Balcón del Adarve, with great views of the Sierra Subbética and an exceptional place to walk and enjoy.

The baroque churches of Priego de Córdoba

But if there is something that Priego de Córdoba stands out for and that makes it an essential visit if you are in the area, it is for its baroque churches. There are numerous churches in the town but we must highlight two that are in the Barrio de la Villa.

One of them is the Iglesia de la Asunción, in the 16th century Mudejar Gothic style and later remodeled in the Baroque style, whose greatest exponent is the dome and its interior decoration that will leave you speechless. Not to be missed is its impressive Tabernacle, an 18th century baroque masterpiece.

The other is the Iglesia de la Aurora, located a few meters away. It has an excessively ornate baroque decoration but it is a true masterpiece. From this church we can highlight the image of the Virgin of the Dawn and its impressive baroque central nave and its altarpiece. Its outer cover also deserves a mention.

The visit to the Barrio de la Villa can be completed with the Royal Butchers, a building that was a slaughterhouse and market in the 16th century and with very interesting architecture. Nor should we forget the Church of San Francisco, where the Chapel of Jesús Nazareno is located, another baroque jewel.

The King’s Fountain

Moving away from this neighborhood we will arrive at another of the most important places to visit in Priego de Córdoba. We are talking about the King’s Fountain, built in the Baroque style at the beginning of the 19th century and which has nothing to envy to the great Baroque fountains that we can find in Rome. It is one of the most beautiful fountains in Spain.

You also have several museums to visit such as the Municipal Museum or the House-Museum of Niceto Alcalá Zamora, President of the Second Republic and a native of Priego de Córdoba.

You can find more information on the official Priego de Córdoba tourism page.

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