How to enjoy Terra Mitica

Undoubtedly one of the great attractions that we can find in Benidorm, in addition to its beaches and its atmosphere, is one of the most interesting theme parks in Spain, the spectacular Terra Mítica.

If you are going to spend a few days in this town in Alicante, and even more so if you are going with children, be sure to visit Terra Mítica and enjoy its thematic areas with its attractions, roller coasters, shows, shops and restaurants.

Here we tell you what to do in Terra Mítica and what this theme park is like.

What is Terra Mitica like?

Benidorm - Terra MiticaTerra Mítica is a theme park specializing in the great civilizations of antiquity and that is why we can find 3 well-differentiated and very well decorated areas that represent Rome, Greece and Egypt.

In addition, next to the Terra Mítica park itself is Iberia Park, which was formerly part of the park (Iberia and Las Islas) but is now a separate area with its own entrance and its attractions, but no less interesting than the others.

In Iberia Park there are attractions for all tastes, such as the typical water attractions, bumper cars and even a 100-meter tower from which you will have the best views. All this is complemented by different shows and the setting of what represents a 16th century Levantine town with the typical white houses of the area.

In the areas of Rome, Greece and Egypt, set in an excellent way, in addition to the water attractions and many other children’s attractions, we also find the typical roller coasters, Ferris wheels and free fall towers.

Benidorm - Terra Mitica2To achieve the setting of the time of these three civilizations, a Roman circus has been represented in the area of ​​Rome. In the area of ​​Greece we can find temples, the Agora of Greece or the area dedicated to the Olympic Games. In that of Egypt, pharaohs, temples, obelisks and even a replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria could not be missing.

Without a doubt, Terra Mítica is a very special place to spend the day and even more so if you go with children, although adults will also have a great time with attractions also designed for the elderly.

It is very easy to get there from Benidorm, both by public transport and by car. You can leave it in the Terra Mítica car park and access the ticket offices. In addition, next to the park there are also two hotels where you can stay obtaining interesting discounts by combining the stay with the tickets.

You can find more information on the official page of Terra Mítica.

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