A route with the best things to see in Albarracín in one day. and his saw

There is much to see in Albarracion in one day. And besides, what you have to see is spectacular. Albarracín is always on all lists of the most beautiful towns in Spain for a reason and receives thousands of visitors every year.

Albarracín is located in the mountain range of the same name where you also have other very beautiful places to visit, although the one that will take you the longest will be Albarracín itself, built on a steep hill that will put your legs to the test.

Here is a tour to visit Albarracín in one day so you don’t miss a thing.

What to see in Albarracín in one day

It is best to arrive in Albarracín very early to be able to make the most of the day and also to be able to park without any problem, as it is a very busy town. If you are in Teruel, it will take just over half an hour to get here.

Walking towards the Plaza Mayor

see Albarracin in 1 dayThe walk can start next to the Tourist Office, located next to a huge car park at the entrance to the town. There is a bridge over the Guadalaviar River (which from Teruel takes the name of Turia River) from which you begin to have beautiful views of Albarracín.

The walk must continue along the steep street that starts in front of the Tourist Office, Cuesta de Teruel, which takes you into the fabulous network of narrow streets and typical Albarracín houses until you reach the Plaza Mayor.

In the Plaza Mayor we find the Town Hall and an impressive viewpoint from which you can see the mountains, the houses in the highest part of the town and the Cathedral of Albarracín, whose tower stands out and which will be the next point of interest to see in Albarracín in a day to which we go.

The Cathedral and the Castle of Albarracín

What to do in AlbarracinTo do this, we will take a beautiful street that leads to another viewpoint from which we can already admire another of the characteristic elements of Albarracín, the Fortified Enclosure. Going up the stairs that take you to the Cathedral you can visit it as well as its beautiful Episcopal Palace.

Of the Cathedral of Albarracín you should not miss its choir, its cloister and its altarpiece, although it is not as spectacular as other cathedrals in Spain. Still it has its charm.

We will continue walking until the end of the street, arriving in this way at the Castle, recently restored, next to which is the Mirador del Gudalaviar, with other beautiful views of the mountains and the river.

The Fortified Enclosure of Albarracín

What to see in Albarracín in 1 dayWe retrace our steps leaving aside the Church of Santa María and Santiago to visit the northern part of Albarration, where we find beautiful houses such as Casa de la Julianeta or the beginning of the path that takes you to another of the best places to visit. in Albarracín in one day, the Walls of Albarracín.

It will be difficult to climb up to them but the views from the walls are great and it will have been worth it. In addition, you will be able to see the Torre del Andador up close, located in the highest part of the town.

After visiting the walls, you can go down to where you parked the car and reach the Arrabal area.

Other places to visit in Albarracion in one day

visit Albarracin in one dayThere is the Toy Museum, very interesting whether you go with children or not, and Mar Nummus, one of the headquarters of Dinópolis.

You can complete the day with the path along the Guadalaviar River, suitable for anyone and that will take you on a very beautiful route.

With this you will already know Albarracín, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. If you want to visit the surroundings, the most important things you can visit are the Pinares de Ródeno, with interesting hiking trails, Gea de Albarracín, where you can visit a Roman aqueduct, or the Cascada del Molino de San Pedro.

You can find more information on the official Albarracín tourism page.

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