What to see in Sigüenza in one day. Back to the Middle Ages of Guadalajara

Despite being a very small town, there are many points of interest to see in Sigüenza in such a way that you will think you are going back several centuries in history until you return to the Middle Ages.

The old town of Sigüenza is very well preserved and its monuments are the best that can be visited in the province of Guadalajara, making this enclave a perfect destination for an excursion or even as a base to visit the nearby wonders.

Here we tell you the best things to visit in Sigüenza to get the most out of a visit.

What to see in Sigüenza in 1 day

The Castle of the Bishops, the best monument to see in Sigüenza

It is the first thing that comes to your eyes as you approach Sigüenza and it is the perfect place to start your visit to the town.

There you can leave your car parked before starting your visit and start enjoying the city.

The Castillo de los Obispos is located in the highest part of Sigüenza and it is a spectacular fortress built during the 12th century in the same place where there was another Muslim one.

Its name comes from the fact that it was the residence of the Seguntine bishops until the 19th century, suffering serious damage during the War of Independence and especially during the Civil War when it was almost completely destroyed.

After the Civil War it was rebuilt, following the old plans that are preserved, and became a Parador de Turismo where you can visit its walls, admire its towers and enjoy its Patio de Armas, possibly the most beautiful place in the Castle.

A walk through the historic center of Sigüenza

Once we have visited its Castle we can begin to walk through its steep and cobbled streets towards the center of the town.

The main street is Calle Mayor, although the rest of the streets of Las Travesañas, as the urban area is known, are well worth a visit.

Different points of interest should be highlighted in the historic centre, such as the Casa del Doncel, in the Gothic style, and which has served as the residence for important illustrious families throughout history.

It is currently a house-museum, owned by the University of Alcalá de Henares where summer courses are held.

Nearby is the Plazuela de la Cárcel, which was the old medieval Plaza Mayor, the Church of Santiago, in Romanesque style, or the Puerta del Sol, one of the old entrances of the wall, which together with the Arch of the Portal Mayor represents the main point of interest of the old wall.

The Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza

Sigüenza - Plaza MayorAfter enjoying the picturesque alleys of Sigüenza we arrive at the nerve center of the town.

There we can enjoy the Plaza Mayor, in Renaissance style and where the Municipal Palace rules, in the same style.

Its stone houses with beautiful balconies stand out, under which there are some arcades where there are several restaurants.

On one of the sides of the Plaza Mayor is the side of the Cathedral of Santa María, specifically the Facade of the Market where a high tower stands out and one of the entrances to the interior of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria

Sigüenza - Cathedral

Walking a few meters we reach the main façade, where the majesty of this Romanesque temple can be appreciated.

Its two towers stand out, giving it the appearance of a fortress and its doors through which we can also access its interior.

Inside the Cathedral of Sigüenza we must highlight the Choir, the plateresque altarpiece of Santa Librada, the High Altar and especially the Trascoro, truly spectacular.

You should not leave the Cathedral without also visiting the Capilla del Doncel where the Tomb of the Doncel is located, the great masterpiece of the Cathedral. The Cloister, the Chapel of the Conception and the Cathedral Museum are also a must.

Other places of interest to see in Sigüenza

There is still much to visit in Sigüenza.

For example, the Episcopal Palace, which can be reached by walking along the commercial street that starts from the Cathedral, located opposite the Sagrada Familia Episcopal College, another building that should not be missed.

Nearby is the Parque de la Alameda, a perfect place to relax after a visit to the city and next to which is the Baroque-style Ursuline Monastery, or the Gothic-style Church of Santa María de los Huertos. and one of the most important monuments to visit in Sigüenza.

In this way, we have visited the main points of interest in Sigüenza and we can return to the old town to lose ourselves in it and enjoy an enviable architecture that we can only find in very few places.

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