What to see in Barcelona in 3 days. The best thing to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very big city with many very interesting places to visit but perfect to visit in 3 days.

If you don’t have more time and you are only going for a weekend or a short 3-day getaway, here we propose a tour of the city in which you won’t leave anything important to see in Barcelona in 3 days.

Even so, Barcelona deserves much more time and if you have it, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. The following route is the one that we recommend but of course, it can be adapted to the tastes of each one.

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What to see in Barcelona in three days

If you want to visit Barcelona in three days in an easy way and you don’t want to miss anything of the city, we recommend that you do some of the following activities and excursions:

What to visit in Barcelona on the first day

What to see in Barcelona in 3 days - Sagrada FamiliaThe day we arrive in Barcelona we can dedicate it to getting to know the most modernist part of the city and especially the one built by Gaudí.

Or that it is building, because the first monument we would visit is one under construction, the Sagrada Familia.

It is a spectacular temple of which Gaudí could only see the Nativity Facade and the Crypt. We also recommend going up to its towers and being able to have a general view of the city that we are going to see.Barcelona - Casa Batllo

The next destination, traveling along Avenida Diagonal and the beautiful Paseo de Gracia, is Casa Milá, also known as La Pedrera and which is one of Gaudí’s most famous houses.

But the one we like the most is a little further south, Casa Batlló, which we consider to be the most beautiful house of Catalan modernism.

There are also the Casa Lleó Morera and the Casa Amatller, which is why this area is known as the Manzana de la Discordia, so called because the houses created controversy as they are so different from the usual aesthetics.

Finally, we arrive at Plaza de Catalunya, one of the main squares of the city. Avoiding the temptation to go down Las Ramblas, we chose to walk towards Plaza de España where the famous Magic Fountain of Montjuic and the National Art Museum of Catalonia are located, which we recommend visiting if you still have time.

What to visit in Barcelona on the second day

What to visit in Barcelona in 3 days - The Plaza del Rey in BarcelonaWe can dedicate this second day in Barcelona to the neighborhoods in the center of the city.

We can start in the Gothic Quarter, without a doubt one of the most interesting places in Barcelona.

The best thing is to get lost in its alleys and discover all the corners that this part of the city offers.

Among these wonders we find the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, as spectacular on the outside as on the inside and that you cannot miss. Nearby is the Plaza del Rey, where you will think you have gone back in time and find yourself in the Middle Ages.

In the Gothic Quarter, you should not miss the Basilica of Santa María del Mar, one of the most famous in the city, or the Plaza de San’t Jaume, which represents the power of Barcelona and Catalonia.

What to do in Barcelona in 3 days - Palau GuellFinally we arrive at the most famous street in Barcelona, ​​Las Ramblas, the liveliest area of ​​the city and where we can take the opportunity to eat in one of its many restaurants or simply relax on one of its terraces.

Walking this street from start to finish is almost mandatory, but it is even more so to enjoy the Liceo Theatre, the Güell Palace or the Boquería Market.

At the end of Las Ramblas is the Statue of Columbus, the Aquarium and the Port of Barcelona.

In this way we will have toured the most historic part of Barcelona.

What to visit on the third day in Barcelona

Visiting the Camp NouThere is still much to see in Barcelona, ​​but this is our last day. What can we see this day?

If you like football, don’t miss the Camp Nou. You can get to know the stadium, visit the museum and feel like a Barcelona Football Club footballer.

But of course you cannot leave Barcelona without having visited Park Güell, possibly the most beautiful and famous park in Spain and of course in Barcelona.

Barcelona - Park Guell - Central SquareThere are 17 hectares and going through the entire park takes a long time, but you should at least visit the pavilions at the entrance and the staircase that takes you to the Hypostyle Hall and the Central Plaza.

Near Park Güell we have another great modernist work in Barcelona. It is the Hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul. It is a set of buildings that you can visit in a guided way.

If you still have more time, you can relax in one of the city’s parks or just take a walk, because Barcelona is a city where walking is a unique activity in itself.

You can find more information about what to see in Barcelona on its official tourism page.

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