A walk through the best things to see in Sitges, much more than beach and party

Sitges is a very touristic town in the province of Barcelona thanks to its beaches and also to international celebrations such as its carnival or the Fantastic Film Festival that is held every year.

In addition, it is a city where numerous international congresses are held throughout the year, which increases the number of people who decide to visit Sitges, which has also become one of the destinations par excellence for the homosexual community.

We propose a tour so that your visit to Sitges is as complete as possible.

Touring the historic center of Sitges

Sitges - Church of San Bartolome and Santa TeclaWe can start the tour of Sitges in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

It is the nerve center of the town and where we find the town hall building, an interesting example of Catalan civil Gothic and built at the end of the 19th century in the same place where the medieval castle was located.

A few meters away is the most famous building in Sitges, the Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla, from which we get the best views from Playa de la Fragata, especially at night with the church lit up.

Sitges - Casa BacardiReturning to the Town Hall, and surrounding it, we come across places as interesting as the Rectory or the Santiago Rusiñol Library, with a very nice interior and an enviable bibliographic collection.

But the main point of interest in this area is the Casa Bacardí, a modernist building that dates back to 1890 and where we can learn about the history of the city and the life of Facundo Bacardí, the creator of the famous rum after emigrating to Cuba.

The visit to the historic center should continue with the Palau del Rei Moro, from the 14th century, and the Pinacoteca de Sitges, located right next door.

Wander through the interesting shopping streets of this area of ​​the city until you reach Cap de la Vila where the famous Clock House is located, a modernist tower from 1915, but not before admiring the Pati Blau or l’Hort de Can Falç, one of the most beautiful gardens in the town.

Walk through the beaches of Sitges

SitgesOn both sides of the historic center of Sitges we have several beaches where you can relax with a swim in waters of perfect temperature.

But, in addition to the typical beach atmosphere that we can find, we can also take a tour of both admiring some very interesting buildings.

Towards the Paseo de Ribera, in addition to having the best views of the Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla, we will come across some stately homes from which you will not be able to lift your eyes.

The Casa Josep Sunyer, the Casa Llúcia Catasús Soler or the Casa Casimiro Berniz stand out, all of them located next to the beach in a privileged place.

Sitges - Maricel MuseumAlong the Paseo de Ribera, in addition to these houses, we find numerous hotels until we reach the Jardines de Terramar.

If we decide to go in the other direction and visit San Sebastián Beach where we find very good restaurants as well as different houses and mansions built by emigrants who returned to the city after succeeding, such as Casa Manuel Vidal Quadras.

But before starting the walk you have to visit two essential museums to see in Sitges. On the one hand, the Maricel Museum, located in the Palace of the same name and where we find an enviable art collection with more than 3,000 works that cover different arts.

On the other hand, the Cau Ferrat Museum, dedicated to the painter Santiago Rusiñol in the house where he lived and painted his paintings.

For more information, we recommend visiting the official Sitges tourism page.

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