Visit the Pedrera of Barcelona. The best of Gaudí’s modernism

Casa Milá, also known as La Pedrera, is one of the best monuments to see in Barcelona.

It is one of the works of art of the legacy that Gaudí left in the city. It is also in one of the neighborhoods where we can find many hotels in Barcelona to stay.

La Pedrera was built between 1906 and 1912 in the best artistic period of the architect and today it is one of the monuments in Barcelona that receives the most visitors.

What to see in La Pedrera – Casa Mila

The facade of the Pedrera

Casa Mila - La PedreraOne of the characteristics of La Pedrera is that being on a corner it has 3 facades.

But thanks to the rounded shapes that Gaudí gave it, it produces a sense of continuity as if it were a single façade.

On the façade we can find 33 wrought iron balconies with shapes that seem to represent seaweed. Don’t miss the abstract forms of the railings.

It has a height of 30 meters and the peculiarity that the windows on the lower floors are larger than those on the upper floors because they need less light.

The interior of La Pedrera

Barcelona - Casa Mila - InteriorOnce we enter the interior of Casa Milá we enter a world of abstract forms and rich decorations typical of Gaudí that make this place very special.

Upon entering, the halls that communicate with the garage, with the back patio and with the upper floors stand out, but above all its mural paintings stand out.

In the spaces destined for housing, it is observed that there are no load-bearing walls with interchangeable spaces, an idea of ​​Gaudí so that its tenants could distribute their space to their liking.

The room richest in decoration and most luxurious is the one dedicated to the home of the owner of the property.During your visit to La Pedrera you will be able to see the recreation of how a bourgeois family lived at the beginning of the 20th century.

The rooftop. The jewel of La Pedrera

Roof of Casa Mila - La PedreraWithout a doubt, the most spectacular place in Casa Milá is the roof terrace, an authentic architectural jewel that is repeated in different buildings built by Gaudí.

On this roof, located above the attic, the shapes of the chimneys and ventilation towers stand out, producing a sensation of being in a sculpture museum.

In addition, the roof terrace has different levels connected by stairs due to the arches of the attic that must be saved.

The shape of the 30 existing chimneys are of such beauty that their fame has reached the whole world and has even inspired the helmets of the imperial soldiers of Star Wars.

In addition, from this terrace you have phenomenal views of Barcelona, ​​so a visit is a must. You will think you are in a fairytale place, just like Park Güell, another of the dream places designed by Gaudí.

You can find more information on the official website of La Casa Milá.

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